Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 2 No. 3 Gangnam Monelli and No. 1 Moruga Scorpion 

The run to the first turn critical here. The 3 can step and show pace and if he manages to cross, will take a stack of beating. With a wide runner in 2 however, it will also give the 1 a chance to punch up and be strong to the line. She is racing well over the middle trips and can bring that back to the 500s. Both EW hopes. 

Race 3 No. 2 Low Blow

Looks the one after his super effort last start. 2nd to Poppa Monno is all the form you need for a race like this and this bloke is boxed to lead throughout or at least land handy enough to be too strong late. 

Race 6 No. 6 Stanga Fire, No. 4 Sassy Balde and No. 7 Gobal Hope 

Interesting market. The 6 is the leading hope for mine. Has terrific muster and has already shown he can do it from both sides of the track. Just needs to step and he’s in this. The prices on 4 and 7 are ridiculous here. Both dogs are either small EW specs or place heavy at least. The 4 can run on here and is racing her best ever while the 7 is under rated and can muster up quickly out wide. Don’t ignore either. Main go 6 with small EW specs on 4 and 7.

Race 7 No. 1 Columbus Monelli

Back to the inside and should bounce back to that sub-30 form we saw a few weeks ago. Has a motor and simply should be winning if he brings his A game. 

Race 9 No. 8 His Stop It

Of the five dogs in this race, the 8 is arguably the only “stayer”. There are genuine question marks over the last sections of the other 4 and if you watch the 8 last week, he made ground on these dogs but was too far back early. He doesn’t normally get that far out of his ground so should he land closer here, he will be hard to hold out. His enigmatic nature is the only concern but he can stay. That might be key here. 

Race 10 No. 2 Sunset Whistler 

The best option here would be for him to spear out or walk out. No in between as the red gets off right away. Once the 2 finds the fence, he will make a fast run and the earlier he takes over, the better. On the arm at any stage should see him hold it and win. 

Race 12 No. 4 Soul’s Glory 

A repeat of last weeks run is all that is needed for this bloke to hit top two. His box manners can be funny at times but he seems to be stepping well enough these days and runs regular sub-22s here with a big last section. Clear run sees him in the finish. 


Race 4 – and what a phenomenal field lining up in this first heat.  Almost every dog could win without surprising. At least seven genuine hopes. 

The 1 will look to muster and lead but he will get early company from 4 and 6. Whichever of those 3 don’t lead will then most likely be out of the race. We then look to who tracks into it. 2 probably needs luck here but is racing well and capable of producing at his very best. Probably needs to lead to win this and that’s a herculean task in this race. The 3 gets back and while he will be running on hard, can he give them a start? The 5 is weapon who is by far the best dog in the race but his draw will be a live action washing machine at box rise. The 4 and 6 must cross the 1 to have any hope. The 7 will struggle and the 8 will need to get over a field of guns here and meets the real acid for the first time. The bottom line is……all 8 are wonderful competitors who wouldn’t be out of place in next weeks final. We will get a spectacle here. No bets, just enjoy the race and good luck to all. 

Bet – that it’s a great race. 

Race 5 – 2nd and final heat. This one is a little more punter friendly….but not much more. Only 4 genuine hopes. 2,6,7 and 8. Of the others, 1 has been handy for his connections but is just a rung below the top guns in WA, the 3 is out of form and needs to turn it around although he can, while the 4, this has arrived 6 months too early for him, but he is highly promising. The chances… W.A greyhound racing, the 2 is the stinger missile in a room full of bow and arrows. He has been the benchmark and while he has been off the scene for bit, he will be ready and trainer is happy with him. Can always win. The 6 is also a missile, he just lacks the early pace of a stinger. No doubting that he can unleash a burst on these none of them can stop and a clear run sees him win. He is airborne. The 7 is racing out of his skin and he can win this and it not shock. If he crosses then it’s on for him. The 8 just knows how to win. Any box, any day, any time, he just turns up. Will charge down the outside early and look to put himself right there. Sticks like gorilla glue in hair. The 6 is the bet for mine. Only two divs and he can hit one of those slots with a clean run. Just needs a look up the back. Another great race and 7 worthy competitors for this heat. 

Bet – No. 6 Eagle Monelli EW


Race 3 No. 6 Indy Fido

Bit of speed in this so he slides over early and looks for the fence where he will then unleash his good middle section and start running into it. Runs the time and keeps hitting the line, he’s a great EW show with any luck at all. 

Race 6 No. 7 Paua of Mindy

No doubting her ability to run the clock to ash. Awkward and needs running room, there is nothing in this that could go with her one out. We are not one out however so she needs to step and stay wide and start her run into it. Can unleash ridiculously fast sections. If she gets clear running and isn’t touched, she will give these what for. 

Race 8 No. 7 Radek Bale

A small concern that he has yet to win over this track and trip but he has raced some extremely hard races when looking at that formline. He is also back in top form now and while he doesn’t get Involved early, he quickly starts a long sustained run home. Look for him to charge into this. 

Race 9 No. 8 Audenzia 

The smokie’s hope here. Has some tricks but a stack of talent and just keeps coming. Her last few have seen her just on the heels of the place-getters after a barnstorming win 4 back. Well boxed and will be a price. Look for her to hit the placings at big odds. 


Race 1 No. 2 Smart Fernando 

The small field plays right into his paws now. Had a short course at Richmond last time out and that will hopefully sharpen him up early here. Charges through that line when he gets mobile and is a top 2 player here with any clear running at all.

Race 4 No. 4 Super Estrella 

They meet yet again these stayers and all clearly heading toward the National distance next week. The 4 really should find the top early this week and that’s where she does her best work. Can run along in good sections and sticks on strongly. Only 2 dangers but she has the class to hold them if she gets away early. 

Race 5 No. 3 Royal Emgrand

Barnstorming win in Masters company last week. Still racing at the top of his game and well boxed here to offer a repeat effort. Good in a field and can come from anywhere, he will pass more than most in this with a clear run. Great EW play and can win.

Race 8 No. 8 Agland Luai

Boxed perfectly here with the 7 inside him and now a vacant inside that dog. Goes fast after the start and when he gets out to the middle and running, is a very hard dog to catch. Look for him to muster hard after lids up to the first turn and cross them put these to the sword. Monster hope. 

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