Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 2 No. 1 Bionic Polly

Finally draws box 1 and there will be no excuses here. Been a long follow on this girl but the draw means she will run out of reasons not to win tonight. Can step, hold and run home hard. Will have every hope.

Race 5 No. 7 Vice Grip and No. 8 Unsee This 

The Lew Dorsa memorial final. Great race with several chances. The 7 has been the flag bearer for WA for some time and he was also a victim in his heat of shocking bad luck. Checked off before turning for home and it cost him. A clean getaway and good first split is par for the course with him now and that will set him up for the prize. Save on 8 who will get a nice cart over if he uses his old box manners. Has lost his way ever so slightly lately but showed last week that his heart is still there with a big run home. Can surprise here and look ominous with a good getaway. 

Race 7 No. 8 Chestnut Monelli 

Returned from injury with a more than acceptable run midweek. Takes time to wind up but has a wide running, booming run home when he gets a trouble free passage. Fitter again, he will look to get into this up the back and they will need more than luck to hold him off if he’s close. 

Race 8 No. 7 Hecton’s Boy 

Tremendous campaigner for Graham and Enzo. Back to his more suitable trip after a let up from the Galaxy, he will look to step quickly and assert his dominance early. A very hard dog to run down, he will be ready and unlike the fav, he can take a bump and doesn’t need the arm. Goes close here. 

Race 10 No. 2 Roxy Vodka

Drawn to win here with slow inside here and wide outside. She did enough last week to show she’s ready to salute again and just needs to find those old box manners to go fast time. Right track, right distance and right trainer. Ready!! 

Race 11 No. 2 Jimmy Goat Rose and No. 4 Oysters 

The 2 looks the one to beat here with a class drop and his good draw. Ran down Ice King 2 starts back and is known to show dash and run time here. The 4 continues to race well and is under rated. She has good early speed and can lead. Still racing at her best and worth a save.


Race 1 No. 6 Ximena Bale

She did more than enough last week to suggest she’s close. Yet to win after 10 tries here, she’s been a work in progress like many of the kennels young dogs. Gets down to low 30 and that will win this. Just needs to offset her draw. 

Race 2 No. 1 Wizardry Magic 

There is frustrating, then there’s this girl. A talent beyond measure that she wastes more often than not. Her field decisions woeful most starts and are what cost her certain victory. The price here however demands we go again. Will get back then wind up with an unstoppable run home if she switches on. Be wary but she’s good when she elects to be. 

Race 5 No. 2 Nicmac Miss 

Ultra-consistent and drawn to give this a shake. Good 2nd in her heat after mowing down the in form Two Phones the start prior. Rarely misses the podium here and has the necessary splits to figure in this final. 

Race 11 No. 8 Snapper Smith

Best bet of the night to hit top 2. Should be winning but certainly won’t miss 2nd with a clear look. Has panels on this field in terms of class and ability and the only thing against her is her lack of early speed. That shouldn’t matter. She just wins for mine with even luck. Been racing FFA dogs on the country cups circuit. There are none of those here. Top 2 bird.


Race 2 No. 5 Lots Of Chatter and No. 7 Nikolina

The 5 will put these to the sword at box rise with his brilliant early speed and class. Has raced the very best throughout his career and looks to now waltz through masters company. If he leads, he wins. And he usually leads. The 7 is overs and will hit the line late. Likes racing here and will capitalise on any trouble. Main play 5 and EW save 7. 

Race 6 No. 2 Daph’s Ascend and No. 5 Zippy Tesla

Wonderful field for The Ambrosoli. The kennel mates again get the nod here. The 2 just couldn’t quite cross last week and she is never as comfortable when not on the arm. Gets her chance here to lead and we will see a different dog. The 5 has the biggest engine in greyhound racing but his poor early split costs him in these sprints. When they step him up he will be a mega star but he can get a nice first turn run here and that will spell trouble for the rest. Great race and backing both EW.

Race 10 No. 7 Panorama 

First up at Goulburn simply should have won. Led but chopped out from behind when about to cut into the corner. Has brilliant QLD form, early speed and strong. Look for her to lead here and that will then see them struggle to catch her. 

Association Cup (Group 1) – Runner by Runner

Box 1 – Stanley Road

With the track likely to be wet, that will bring this super stayer right into this. Goes all day, drawn to perfection and this is his track. Will charge into this late. 

Box 2 – Super Estrella 

Bounced on the arm in her heat and gave nothing else a chance. Looks to repeat here but will have some weapons chasing her. Superb little girl who will give her all up front. 

Box 3 – Hank The Hustler 

Probably not what he once was but still thereabouts most weeks. Will grind home well but needs to find a bit on the clock. 

Box 4 – Mepunga Ruby

Taught the young gun a lesson in the heat and showed why she is one of the nation’s premier stayers. Tremendous record here, she can offset any box and gives you a sight no matter what the conditions. Huge threat. 

Box 5 – Zipping Kansas

Boom young stayer who ran into staying royalty last week and found out what the big time is all about. Stuck on well but was not used to the high speed out front which was hard to pick up. Will improve again and has all sorts of talent. Short priced fav who does present some risk but no denying his ability. 

Box 6 – Nimble Lulu

Tried hard in her heat but just a level short of top grade. Can stay but likely to find this tough. Minor money only if anything. 

Box 7 – Paris and Rome

Outclassed here but will win her share of staying races back in the right grade.

Box 8 – Gypsy Wyong 

Just seems to be racing a rung off her best at the present. Always thereabouts but not putting them away like she once would. Each way hope but will need to find something to win. 

Selections: 1-4-5-6

The 1 Stanley Road gets the nod here. Boxed to get the right run, the heavy conditions will play to his strengths and he has plenty of that. Will look for the 2 to hold up some of the outside dogs and get him into the race. The 4 Mepunga Ruby is a star and cannot be ignored. Loves it here, handles all boxes and runs time. Very hard to beat. 5 Zipping Kansas is too good to dismiss and 6 Nimble Lulu to add value to exotics.

Golden Easter Egg (Group 1) – Runner by Runner

Box 1 – Louis Rumble 

Wonderful QLD dog who is boxed to shake the life out of this. Went 5.40 early in his semi and excels off the inside. Loves racing here and big threat. Can run time and the forgotten dog of the Egg. 

Box 2 – Tachycardic

Lacks the class and ability to go with these. Would need a lot of trouble to even place and won’t threaten with even luck. 

Box 3 – Fantastic Raven

Prolific winner who handles all boxes. Ran down Mitchell Street in her semi and can both show early dash and strength. Not out of it but would need some luck at the first turn to get close enough. Smokie. 

Box 4 Idolize

Outstanding race bitch who is undefeated here. Blistering early speed and very hard to get past on the arm. Does everything right, has the most astute trainer and her preparation has been faultless. Very, very hard to stop. 

Box 5 She’s A Pearl

They all have one job, and that’s to make sure this girl doesn’t lead. If she does, the Egg is over. Has answered every challenge put before her and gives nothing else a chance. This is the first time she has to deal with genuine first splitters but she’s got the tools to handle it. The ultimate acid test but she can neutralise all threats at the start where this race will be decided. Deserved favourite and wonderful competitor. 

Box 6 – Mitchell Street

Known for his early toe, I just don’t see how he wins this even if he leads. Would need to find 6 lengths at least but will give a tremendous sight if he gets away on the arm. Needs to use his best attribute and that’s his first split. 

Box 7 – Good Odds Cash

Don’t be surprised if she comes out running and hurtles over here to get on or near the arm. Largely forgotten about this week, she will soon remind them what she’s got if they let her run. Stack of ability and runs time at both ends. Big smokie play.

Box 8 – Zara’s Ivan

The strongest dog in the race and the run on component. Won’t bother them early but that means he will need trouble ahead of him to pick them up. Well boxed but his first turn will decide how close he gets. Place chance at least. 

Selections: 7-5-3-1

Superb Egg with a stack of speed. I’m going to put the 7 Good Odds Cash on top. I think she can dash up out wide and play her hand at the first turn. If she found the arm then she wins but can also come from behind. The 5 She’s a Pearl and 4 Idolize will both spear out here and it will be a battle to who leads. Both run the splits and overall time and look the big players. The 1 Louis Rumble and 3 Fantastic Raven can also figure with any luck. The start and first turn will decide this year’s Egg.

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