Harry Buchanan’s Wednesday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 7 No. 8 Cash Monelli and No. 1 Miss Valentine

The 8 gets that vital 20m to move here with the early scratching and no reserve. Musters up into a spot and can sustain the run home. The 1 will show her usual early toe out of the boxes and could be hard to catch in a race full of dogs who don’t really come on from the back. Excels off the inside as well. Both solid shows here. 

Race 8 No. 1 Maximum Kuna and No. 6 Acing Kuna

Most of this field are either out of form, don’t run time or simply not good enough. The 1 only has to repeat its last run and carve out something in the vicinity of 30.10 and that will get it done here. Boxed to go to the front and hard catch…..unless, the kennel mate in 6 arrives early for the party. She could run over her brother with her late race strength that he can’t hold off. Both will prove awfully hard to stop in this. 

Race 9 No. 1 Tears and Tanty

Speaking of limited ability, the 1 faces a field of dogs who have just that. Although she herself is no star, there is a fair chance she steps and finds the arm here and it wouldn’t take much more than that for any of these to win this. She’s racing ok and could surprise out in front with a good getaway. 

Race 10 No. 7 Extreme Rock

While we are on the subject of dogs with little minimal ability, most of this field are collectively pining for Northam to rise from the ashes. None of them can break 30 and that’s why the 7 will get a chance to win. Might get over and lead and while he’s had enough at the end, this field is simply not very good. To be fair, they all get their one chance to win at Cannington here. The 7 doing enough lately to get an each way spec, albeit a small one. 

Race 11 No. 5 Classic Style (Place)

The place play is the go here at the current price. Missing the start is the best thing this one can do. Straight across to the fence and wait for the inevitable trouble that will occur into the back. Been racing much better races and just needs a little luck in the run home to hit the frame. Can win but looks a major threat and the best place bet tonight.

Race 12 No. 2 Dozer Can Browse and No. 1 Dr Jimmy

Couple of these through the middle want off here and that’s gives these two a definite chance. The 1 was good last time and while he is hot and cold, he is capable and will give a sight. The 2 has had a few chances lately but she won’t get it better than this. Box manners have been slipping but she can ping when she wants and won’t be caught if she finds that arm at all. Each way players here. 

Race 13 No. 1 Lenny Coaster and No. 5 Watanabe

The 1 finally draws a box. All she has to do now is use it. Can not afford to miss it and while she goes well here, she will need to hold up early. Box stats very good and looks a chance now. The 5 is a sneaky hope. Made good ground from the back last week but he can show speed as well. Could find the arm early and get his chance to go all the way. 

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