Harry Buchanan’s Thursday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 8 Dozen Staples and No. 2 Beckie’s Dream

A few of these that lead struggle to break 23 and could get messy. That leaves the 8 and 2 to run on from midfield and are worth spec plays each way at odds. Nothing special here but they can surprise. 

Race 5 No. 3 Rock Solid Kid and No. 5 Hello Dave 

The 3 is ready to break though. Last few efforts have been excellent in better company and gets a gun map here off the good draw. Great each way show. The 5 will be the one dropping on these from the clouds. Big strong run home and only has to stay remotely close to descend here. Look for him late. 

Race 9 No. 7 Slingshot Cooper and No. 3 Timmy Timebomb

The 7 just needs that 15m early and he gets it there. Goes fast and very hard to catch when he gets a solo arm. Box is fine and can win now. The 3 could be the one to hold him up early. His best sees him spear out on to the arm here and be very hard to catch. Well boxed and could find the lure if the 7 doesn’t. 

Race 10 No. 7 Litchfield and No. 4 Trendy Miss

Don’t be shocked to see the 7 run over these if she can stay close. Her effort over the 300m last start was good and the step up only helps more. It’s not a hard race to win. That’s why the 4 can also figure. New kennel now and showed it hasn’t hurt last start with a strong effort after early trouble. Will improve a heap here with a clean run. 

Race 11 No. 4 Kid Kimetto and No. 8 Zen Tokyo

If this was over 400m, the 4 would almost be a bird. Only thing against him here is the shorter trip and the box but he can offset both. If he gets a look, these won’t hold him late. The 8 will sweep around here and while he doesn’t run much time, he can work home hard and will be closing off well. Dont dismiss in this easy affair. 


Race 2 No. 1 Ethanol Water

Not once, but twice has this girl been as stiff as rusty door hinge. Boxed to get all the favours now and has a serious motor. This time it should only be horrible luck that rolls her but the box should take that out of the equation. Huge show. 

Race 4 No. 8 Winnington Bale and No. 5 Dewanna Fernando 

The 8 was actually quite good last start. Made a sustained fast run up the back and kept it going through hold ups at the top. Small field suits and while this is a good field, he can surprise. The 5 is another who only needs clear air. Very good dog who runs time and will get his chance here. Big show. 

Race 5 No. 3 Mepunga Reward and No. 2 Flying Redeemer

The 3 is one very promising weapon. Unbeaten after 3 starts and has a ridiculous gear change up the back. Hard to stop again. The 2 is down in class and will be there at the end. Can run decent time and raced harder opponents than this. Look for him at the end to run into it. 

Race 6 No. 7 Udita Bale and No. 8 Pickled Piper 

The 7 is only tiny but she goes fast and can be hard to reel in when she gets her own way in front. Needs the lead but can get it here. The 8 is enigmatic but she was super last week after being tossed around. Came again late and well boxed here. 

Race 7 No. 3 Amron Dan and No. 2 Al’s Entity 

The 3 goes better when he draws in. Should land closer this time and can deliver winning sectionals from the back. Speaking of sectionals, the 2 can run anything when he’s on. He’s moody though and can do things wrong. When he gets it right he’s very hard to stop and with the scratchings he is now geeting every hope. Dont take anyting silly about him with $2.80 rock bottom to compensate for his enigmatic racing habits. Both dogs well placed here. 

Race 8 No. 8 Akina Jack and No. 5 Aston Luciano

The 8 is perfectly drawn in this. Showed last week that this middle trip is his go now and was very good holding off all challengers. Can go close again but need $5. The 5 will look for the arm. Does his best work when he gets it and racing well presently. Can run time and the trip no issues. Major threat. 

Race 9 No. 4 Gucci Girl and No. 3 Ethanol Volume

Whilst this fav will be hard to beat, he’s gone under a few times at short odds and has a habit of missing the start. The 4 goes quick and she is under rated. She could find the arm and give a sight here. The 3 races mid track but he’s very strong and winds up hard. Will capitalise on any trouble up front and look for him late. He is a $6 shot at best.

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