Harry Buchanan’s Sunday Greyhound Best Bets 


Race 1 No. 6 Aussie Trickster and No. 5 Hello I’m Sassy

The 6 will dart out here then only has to cross to hold these in the run home. Best work done on the arm. The 5 will drop to the fence and wait for the first turn run to appear. Can figure if it does open up as she hits the line well. 

Race 2 No. 6 Scientist and No. 4 All About Kuna

The 6 can win or go close at least but he will need to step and then miss the wayward red runner who wanders around on the turns. Gets in well against these though. The 4 in a similar boat. Can come out running but needs to make a smart decision if he is shoulders with the red at the first turn. Both dogs can figure with the right runs here. 

Race 7 No. 2 Sneaky Emoji and No. 5 Blessed Doll

The 2 has some talent but he started to go stale at Mandurah after a run or two. Back here could be a winning move and he’s drawn to be in this as straight starts suit him better. The 5 has come back enormous. She might not run the time some of these do but she will pick them off one by one in the run home. Look for her late in a place heavy basis at an absurd quote.

Race 8 No. 4 Rogue Runner

Old mate draws a middle box and it might actually be what he wants. He makes an omelette of inside draws and won’t step and comes out off the outside but doesn’t get over. This could see him step his best and not have to work to get the arm. Needs it to win, can win if he gets it here. 

Race 11 No. 6 Winlock News and No. 2 Good As Hell

The 6 was very good last time sustaining a strong run home to score. Box is grim here but he’s shown before he can offset them and doesn’t need the arm to win. The 2 is sneaky hope to find the top here and she would be hard to catch. Well boxed and can give a real sight if she steps her best. Don’t ignore here. 

Race 12 No. 7 Sammy Can Browse and No. 1 Sudden Rain

The 7 looks to skate across here and if she finds the front at all that should be it over this trip. Can handle the wide draw and she’s a threat here and a big one if she hops out well. The 1 gets an easier assignment this time and needs to use the draw. She doesn’t need to lead but needs to land close. Can return to something like her best here. 

Race 13 No. 4 Barefoot Cougar and No. 1 Romneya Monelli 

The 4 is a good beginner and while she doesn’t have much in the run home department, she might get enough go behind here to hold a margin. Doesn’t respond to any challenge so needs a clear lead. The 1 has a horrid record here but there were genuine excuses for some of them. She’s got the box and she can step when she’s on. Gets every possible to finally break through. 

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