Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 1 Girls Like You and No. 6 Stylish in Black

The 1 is perfectly drawn here and she is a huge threat at the EW quote. Only has to hold her spot early behind the speed and she can. That sees her go very close and hit the frame at least. The 6 is a sneaky hope at odds. Goes well around here and can get down around the 30 to make her presence felt. Just needs to offset the box.

Race 2 No. 7 Trunkey Irene and No. 8 Sunset Serengeti

The 7 wasn’t bad at all last week over the 600 when she led and looked lost. Will improve and can get up on the pace again and stick on at odds. The 8 just needs early luck against these. Runs good time and can lead or come from behind and handles all boxes. Will go well.

Race 3 No. 8 Shy Emoji and No. 1 Trunkey May

The 8 has strong form lines for this and while she would be better inside, she just needs first turn luck and she start her work to run home hard. Takes some stopping here. The 1 can surprise here. Has ability and also shows speed. If she was to hold up early she would take some catching at a price and worth a small EW spec.

Race 4 No. 6 My Anarchy Boy, No. 5 Uncle Tommy and No. 7 Sneaky Emoji

The WA Derby. Tremendous edition!! Every single dog can win and it be no surprise at all. It’s rare I will look at a race immediately after the box draw and my first thoughts stick for the next 5 days without change. That’s what’s happened here. I have reluctantly put a line through dogs 1,2,3 and 4. I think the 5 can step and cause a lot of grief for those inside him with his early speed and fence seeking line. He will go fast and cramp those inside dogs up. If that’s not enough, the back up will soon arrive in the shape of the missile in box 8. Faultless early with unrivalled acceleration, he will join Tommy in a two pronged attack for the arm and the fence. The 8 can be the one who crosses though and leads. While all this happens, the 6 will just muster up after the 8 crosses him quickly and he will avalanche his way down the outside and into a striking spot. He then becomes the dog to beat after being a tragedy beaten in his heat. Strong and racing at the top of his game, he can run this pink down. The 7 will be the other dog who capitalises on any early push and shove and don’t be stunned if he marches into this up the back to be the unstoppable late force. Big big last section sees him an EW go here at the very least. The 5 still can’t be forgotten because he could still be one of, if not the first dog knocking on the pinks door, and should the pink not answer, Tommy is happy to get his paws dirty and kick that door down and take over. The inside 4 all have claims of course but the line had to be drawn somewhere and I just see this as the most likely scenario. The best young WA dogs are lining up here as are the premier WA trainers being represented. Withers, Marsh, Hobby, Smithson, Stuart all know how to get dogs ready for these finals being group 1 trainers and that’s what sets them apart from the rest. It doesn’t get any better than this. Great race but 6-5-7-8 this year.

Race 5 No. 3 Redshift Uniform and No. 8 Ninetymile Rose

The most winnable staying race you will see at Cannington. The 3 can stay, there is no question about that. She is no world beater but she does keep coming and goes all day. This is the kind of race she can figure in. The 8 only has to cross and lead. Won’t be caught on the arm but won’t win off it. Half of these can’t stay, the others have tricks. Small spec if anything here.

Race 6 No. 4 Disco Daisy and No. 5 Sunset Commanche

The 4 is racing well. She is stepping fast and while she isn’t leading outright, she is sticking on well and could find the top solo. Hard to mow down here. The 5 is one who can. Has a big engine that doesn’t get any fuel until the back but then he drops the pedal and charges home. Will take some holding out here.

Race 8 No. 1 Acing Kuna and No. 2 Penny Magic

The 1 beats itself more than anything beating her. Makes silly decisions in the run and only the inside draw is why she’s getting one more go. Can land in front of a few here and take the traffic equation out of it. Can win with a clear run. The 2 will try and lead and while she doesn’t have that brilliant early 600m speed anymore, she still might have enough to lead these. Will be hard to get if she holds the arm.

Race 10 No. 4 Gimli and No. 7 Daddy’s Girl

Only three hopes for mine and I can’t see the 8 crossing so he is out of contention. The other two will have issues that revolve around traffic and road blocks. The 4 is flying and he just needs to be close up the back and he’s home. As is the 7 who is better drawn off the track and will go past most of these in the run home. Whoever gets around cleanest will go close.


Race 2 No. 7 Flying Envy

Race 4 No. 2 Ethanol Water

Race 6 No. 2 Earletta Bale and No. 8 Binny Doo

Race 8 No. 3 Whodat Shanlyn

Race 9 No. 1 Flying Dinar

Race 11 No. 5 Bun Tornado

Race 12 No. 7 Scott Me


Race 2 No. 3 King Of Tulsa

Race 5 No. 4 Leg Speed

Race 6 No. 2 Cumbria Kid and No. 3 Cumbria Mal

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