Harry Buchanan’s Sunday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 4 Red Ned Gundi and No. 6 Evie Malt

The start is critical here. He nails it, he wins. That’s all we are betting on here. Shows good speed and runs time these can’t on the arm. Not a lot of early pace around him so he just needs his best step to go close. Danger in box 6 who is resuming but trialling well and goes well here.

Race 5 No. 3 Notorious Harada and No. 4 Can’t Catch Kati

The 3 must produce here. She’s the best dog in the race and out of form but only because she hasn’t been able to lead these better races. This is her race. Good map, good box, every chance. The 4 is a good EW play as well. Will get carted in to the back cleanly and she runs on well. Can hit the frame.

Race 6 No. 3 Wise Emperor

Promising type who trialled well since his last start win here. Can be a little awkward early but stretches out well once balanced and drops good sections. Just needs a little early room to win. Hard to beat.

Race 7 No. 1 Magic Entry and No. 2 Pumbaa Smith

The 1 should step and lead here and that would make her very hard to catch. As easy as it gets for her and she looks the one. The 2 also gets in well and gets a great map here. Could square off with the red on the way home and they look to fight this out with clean steps at box rise.

Race 12 No. 2 Shima Dream and No. 6 Big Girl Kiki

One look at the this newcomers form line in box 2 tells you she decimates these at her best. Has little experience on corner starts which is the only downside but she is simply better than them. The 6……..Can’t draw a box for the life of her. Poleaxed last 2 starts so forget those. She can get into this with a better map this time and she keeps attacking the line. Looks an EW play and can absolutely win with a little luck into the back.

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