Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 6 Lady Dior and No. 3 Seriously Lush

The 6 has come back well and while she gets back, she hasn’t been getting so far out of her ground this time in. Frame hitter at odds here. The 3 might be looking for further now but she still has early toe and could lead. Very hard to catch if that occurs. 

Race 4 No. 2 Savic

 The 2 just ran out of ground last week but the time was surprisingly fast so he went well again. Will be charging home as usual. Hard to hold out in the small field.

Race 6 No. 2 Sneaky Emoji and No. 4 Sunset Tyson 

The 2 drops back from a superb 600m effort and will go close here. Just needs to hold a forward spot and he’s in the finish. Perth Cup finalist who is racing as good as he ever has. The 4 will enjoy being back here at Cannington and it might pay to forget that Mandurah effort last week. Shows good muster and if he finds the arm, only the 2 could get him and that’s a big ask in itself. Hard to beat. 

Race 9 No. 7 Vander Harley and No. 8 Sunset Pepe

The 7 will go across the heels of these and look for that first turn run. Runs home in strong sections and will be ominous if she gets the right passage here. The 8 will skate down the outside to the first turn and if he crosses and leads, that will nearly be it. Hard to catch if he’s on. 

Race 11 No. 4 Sunset Commanche

This is his to lose. Dropped a remarkable run home two starts ago to run over a dog who usually doesn’t get run down. The small field ideal here and all he needs is a look. Any luck and a clear run and these won’t stop him. Can take us out on top for the night. 


Race 5 No. 6 Peaky Joe and No. 4 Raven Parrot

The 6 has come through the recent Launching Pad series well and handles wide draws fine. Hard to stop if he gets up there early. The 4 also begins well but she lacks dash only to come again late. If she gets through the flat spot with little trouble, she will be in the finish.  

Race 6 No. 6 Yachi Bale

Great race but this warrior is racing as well as ever. He’s either winning or running placings in fast time and can come from anywhere. Will sustain that big run home and can lob close to these up the back. Dont dismiss him at all. 

Race 7 No. 4 Crackerjack Aret and No. 8 Cabao Kyanite

The 4 has a serious engine when he gets room to operate. Will look for the fence then get into his work and hard to hold out after that. The 8 also has a motor and is very promising. Well drawn and can wind up strongly here. EW at least and place heavy for him. 

Race 8 No. 5 Binny Doo

Possibly looking for 700 now but still racing well over this trip and only needs a better step to land closer here and he can use that late race strength to hit the frame. Consistent dog who rarely runs a bad race and will give another good showing again. 


Race 3 No. 7 Isle’s Entity

Well travelled between NSW and VIC and knows her way around here. Has fast wins to her credit on a number of tracks and has good early burn. She rarely gets run down when she finds the arm which she can do here. 

Race 8 No. 6 August Bob and No. 4 Red Hot Frankie

The 6 is a promising young dog who runs super time when he scores. Has good strength about him as well and can show some dash to get into a spot. EW for him. The 4 will look for the fence early and while she lacks some early speed over this trip, she gets into her work up the back strongly and can run into the placings. 

Race 10 No. 3 Ritza Smoke

The best smokie of the night. Has gone 29.5 here and when he lands in a spot up the back, he unleashes some serious run homes. Well drawn here and will give this a huge shake if he steps. Double figure play of the night. 

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