Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 8 All About Stone and No. 3 Molfetta Drive 

Looking for these two to sit much closer this week. The 8 can hold a high line and get into his work up the back while the 3 needs to use the box this time and stay handy without trying to go around. Both strong home here. 

Race 2 No. 2 Storm Alert

Another go for our mate here in box 2. He could get right there this time with no early goers either side of him. Starts a sustained run after the pen and gets his chance now. 

Race 3 No. 6 Sunset Louie and No. 8 Poppa Monno 

The 6 was outstanding last week at Mandurah. Super effort over the 652m trip and while he is better drawn in, he is racing at his top right now. The 8 had his chance in the same race but he didn’t finish off like he can here. Will work home as usual and one of few who doesn’t need to lead. 

Race 6 No. 1 Ballistic Ant and No. 2 Wooden Hands

The 1 is boxed to get every possible here. A little one paced bit can step and she will just keep grinding home in this. The 2 is going well and while he is enigmatic, he can pull one out from time to time. He’s an each way go at least at odds. 

Race 7 No. 8 Belle Violin and No. 4 Fabs Max Potato 

A couple of characters here. The 8 will surprise with his usual place seeking run. Can come from anywhere and is under rated in this company. Look for him late. The same applies to Fabsy. He can put in a screamer or a shocker and could turn up this week with a couple in this with form that isn’t bankable and flattering and will be short. 

Race 11 No. 8 Escape Way

The Dart winner sitting up right where he wants to be in Barbies favourite colour. Had a dazzling turn of foot off the mat and stays 4-5 dogs off the track. Box perfect and can lead all the way. The last bit his only worry but is airborne and could see it out now. 


Race 3 No. 8 Aston Luciano

Got his box now and this is much easier than last weeks Silver Chief heat. Strong customer who can sprint or get a middle trip and just needs a good step to be competitive here. 

Race 4 No. 7 Shima Stella

The 7 has been well backed and this is her race if she spears over and leads. Been racing much tougher races and can win this if she gets the arm. 

Race 6 No. 2 Andre Bale and No. 4 Lupini Monelli

A couple at odds could surprise here. The 2 just needs his old step at box rise and he could shock these. Will find the line well if close. As will the 4 who is racing out of her skin right now. Beginning well and chasing better than ever. She can win again or at least place at odds. 

Race 7 No. 2 Make No Promise

He may have a trick or two but no denying his ability. Tough watch in the Melb Cup where he closed the strongest late to just miss the placings and boxed to go close this time. A little suspect around the leader when he gets to them but seems to stick his head out when it matters. 

Race 8 No. 6 Fernando Phil, No. 8 Oregon Durant and No. 3 Mepunga Shine

The 2024 Silver Chief. Some promising young dogs in this. The 6 goes on top. He’s getting better and better and running good first splits even when he takes a step or two to get going. If he comes out running he could swoop around early and take no end of catching. Great price to play. The 8 is the best of the bolters. Goes fast at box rise and holds a high line. Will need a little buffeting down low with the early splitters but will skate around them if they do come together. He can surprise in this. Had the 3 drawn a better map he would go on top. The best dog in the race in my opinion with serious upside and he will drop something very fast on the clock one day soon but he has a sticky draw with the two dogs inside him. If he navigates around them he can win. Chances to others like the 5 who is racing well and won’t be caught if he leads. The 4 will find the line late with any luck early. 1,2,7 all need to lead to win and while one of them might, they may not get away enough on the arm. 

Selections: 6-8-3 

Race 10 No. 2 Hector Fawley, No. 3 Alpha Zulu and No. 8 Jay is Jay

The 2024 Phoenix. Not the strongest feature due to it being a slot race but competitive none the less with some great dogs engaged. The 2 gets the nod courtesy of the map of the year. Has a paralysing mid/last sectional finish and will only have to hold a reasonably close position early to win. At the very least he will hit the frame unless he finds early strife. Place heavy bird in this with an ounce of luck but can absolutely win as well. The 3 hasn’t started for a few weeks and that’s a master stroke here. Been missing the start prior and being fresh will give him a chance to hop out fast. If he can drop his best first section off a good step, he can win. Big threat if he nails the start. The 8 is a stupid price for a dog of his quality. Handles any box and will give his all as he does every time. Will stay out there and try and skate around and can hit the frame if he slides into this up the back at any stage. The rest have chances. The 1 is a young dog and would need to get absolutely everything right here. The 4 isn’t doing what he can. He would need to turn something around even from his Horsham run alone. It wasn’t convincing but no denying his class. The 5 isn’t going well enough to win but he is gun youngster who runs time on the arm. Would need an all time performance here to score. The 7 can win if he comes out on a jet ski and finds the arm. They won’t get him then. That’s all that is stopping him. Will need luck for that to happen though. Then there is the 6. She is a $12 chance. Let’s hope she gets around without any issues.

Selections: 2-3-8-7

Race 11 No. 7 Camp Fire

I like this dog. Went 30.06 when beaten by Morton last week and that would be winning this. He’s got a lovely back section that he sustains home and will chime in with any luck after the first turn. Each way go here and can go close if he offsets the box. 

Race 12 No. 4 Runnin’ Dynasty and No. 6 Kadence Bale

The 4 was about to go close to winning in a “no-race” last week. That was at Sandown and she goes much better here. Can lead or come from behind. Huge show. The 6 is the best smokie and roughie of the night. Will walk out and go to the fence. She will then work home strongly and charge through the line after a freshen up from the middle trips. Place heavy play and can go well. 


Race 5 No. 1 Cumbria Kid

Ultra consistent performer who is a MDC place getter. Boxed to go close now after not getting over from the outside last week. Great little dog who never gives up and will hit top two with even luck off the draw. 

Race 8 No. 1 One Hot Bandit

Better boxed wide but with the two dogs outside not known for their early dash, he could drive up here and any look at the arm will see this go check and mate. They won’t catch him. Just needs to hold his spot early and he wins. 

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