Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 7 No. 4 Westdale Hailee and No. 6 Lance Sunrise 

The 4 will attempt to lead. She gets wide but if she holds the arm she can win. The 6 is a big price and not out of this. If he navigates his way clear early he can descend late. 

Race 8 No. 8 Madison Keys 

Boxed to give a sight here. A fraction disappointing last start but give another chance as her best is right in this. Expect her to step and show up early and be solid to the line. Top 2 player here. 

Race 12 No. 1 Wise Suffolk

One last chance off a gun draw. Is much better than her form suggests and if she uses the box to hold early, she will be hard to catch. Can run top 2 at good price. 


Race 3 No. 1 Galloping Speed, No. 3 My Father’s Son and No. 8 Golden Ratio 

What a race this could turn out to be. Full of dogs who don’t mind considering their options in the run. We are playing the 3 runners here because of the foreseeable mess this could turn out to be. All 3 dogs will be looking for gaps up the back and will be solid to the line. They can hit the podium here. 1 and 8 main EW hopes. 3 place heavy. 

Race 4 No. 7 Jigglypuff and No. 8 Zivon Bale

The 7 is under rated and she can run into this at good odds. Hard to beat if she gets a nice first turn. The 8 is the class runner and gets a save. He will look to go fast early and keeps hitting the line. Both dogs good hopes here to hit top 2. 

Race 5 No. 1 Knicks Bale 

Every time she steps out over this trip she give a huge sight. Boxed to land handy and will drive home along the fence. Great record here track and trip and EW all day for her. 

Race 6 No. 7 Spanish Miss and No. 8 Jarick Bale 

The 7 ran a ripper for us as best bet last week at the good quote. Steps up to group company but she’s got some talent and shouldn’t be dismissed here. Big price but will give a sight if she hops over cleanly. The 8 is the class performer and has beaten the best. Can handle wide draws and come from anywhere. The one to beat. 

Race 7 No. 5 Hummock and No. 2 Mepunga Warrior 

The 5 is very very promising and if he offsets this box, will give these a stack to chase. Went fast time on a Sunday here and can figure at the double figures. Huge chance and only has to hop out. The 2 is a weapon and he is boxed to give this a shake. Goes fast mid race and sustains it. Superb record here. 


Race 3 No. 4 Agent Four

Steps quickly here and can cross the inside dogs and find more on last weeks time. Box manners are faultless. Will look the winner at some stage. Shouldn’t miss top 2 and very hard to catch.

Race 5 No. 1 Fantastic Dixie

Best bet anywhere tonight. Monster effort last start and her back section was ridiculous and even more so that she held it all the way through the line. Only needs half a clear run to win. Very very good young dog. Massive chance. Best bet!!



Race 1

The 2 Bedrock Fred hardest to beat. Flying presently. Chances to 3,4 and 7. 

Bet: No. 2 Bedrock Fred (W) No. 7 No Regrets (EW)

Race 2

Not a chance on this Earth I would take odds on about the 6 Zipping Kansas. The 1 Fantastic Radley is boxed to go close. Chances to 4 and 8.

Bet: No. 1 Fantastic Radley (EW)

Race 3

Only two hopes for mine. The 2 Oh Oh Range and 6 Super Estrella. Should clear out. 

Bet: No. 6 Super Estrella (W)

Race 4

Most open heat. The 7 Days Of Thunder to hit top 2 here. Knows the place backwards. 1 and 6 the only dangers. 

Bet: No. 7 Days Of Thunder (EW)


Race 5

The 5 Equalizer has panels on these but his early speed is an issue. Still wins with any luck. The 2 Impress Shades is a danger if he handles the track first up while the 1 Black Comanche is boxed to give a stack.

Bet: No. 5 Equalizer (W)

Race 6

Keen on the 8 here, Shipwrecked. Super efforts his last few and boxed to give a sight. Dangers 2,6 and 7

Bet: No. 8 Shipwrecked (EW)

Race 7

The 8 Amron Boy is boxed to win. Should have won last start and will set the clock alight here with a clear run. 1,3,5 only dangers if any but the 8 has panels on these as evidenced by his 29.66 at the Meadows. 

Bet: No. 8 Amron Boy (EW special)

Race 8

Only 4 legitimate hopes. The 1 and 5 will be there but the 7 Respectability is airborne and the 8 Ties That Bind, is the smokie. 

Bet: No. 7 Respectability (W) and 8 Ties That Bind (EW)

Race 9

The Eagle has his box!! No. 8 Eagle Monelli was huge behind a rocket last week. Boxed to give this an almighty shake. Several hopes in this outside him. 

Bet: No. 8 Eagle Monelli (EW) 

Race 10

A race of only two chances.  The 3 Panama Pepper has been expertly prepared for this and has timing about him. Superb last week. The 8 Good Odds Cash is well drawn and breaks the clock. Huge threat. 

Bet: No. 3 Panama Pepper (W) 

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