Shortte’s Cannington Track Guide

While TABtouch Park Cannington is still a very new circuit and will continue to evolve as time goes on, there are a few trends emerging in terms of favourable box draws and racing patterns.

Of all 520 metre races that have been staged to this point in time, more than 50 per cent have been won by greyhounds who have led to the finishing post the first time around. A further 11 races have been won by the greyhounds sitting in second position through the first corner, six have been won by the dogs sitting third early and just eight dogs (15%) have come from 4th or worse at the first sectional split to go on and win.

These numbers clearly show that to this point in time the on-speed runners are the dogs you want to be teaming up with.

The Box Statistics
Box 1 12 Winners
Box 2 8 Winners
Box 3 6 Winners
Box 4 5 Winners
Box 5 5 Winners
Box 6 6 Winners
Box 7 5 Winners
Box 8 4 Winners

From our sample range of the first 51 races, box one is the spot to be with 12 winners. The next best draw is next door in the checks with 8 winners while box eight has proven the toughest draw with just the 4 winners so far.

At most tracks box one is the premier draw over sprint trips – this trend looks set to continue at TABtouch Park Cannington.

So far just three winners have managed to break the 30 second mark over this trip, with the fastest time to date over the 520 metres set by the Paul Stuart trained Kruggerand, who zipped around in 29.83.

The sample size over the longer 715 metre distance has been just 4 races so it is some time away from having any genuine patterns emerge.

The winners have come from boxes 1 (twice), 2 and 6. Three of the winners have sat first or second through the first split.

The Top 5 Trainers
Chris Halse 11 Winners
Paul Stuart 6 Winners
John Iwanyk 6 Winners
David Hobby 5 Winners
Brian Jacobson 5 Winners

On early evidence when doing your form for 520 metre races at Cannington you are looking to find dogs with early speed who are drawn down towards the rails.

I hope this information helps you find plenty of winners as we march on towards the Perth Cup and Galaxy Series.