Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 3 All Grunt and No. 7 Cherry Blue

The 3 is a real good smokies play here. A little luck into the back and he’s an EW threat at least. The 7 spears out and will likely lead here and that’s then making her hard to mow down. Kennel confident she goes well.

Race 2 No. 8 Pepper Grinder and No. 6 Xylan Bale

The 8 never got into it last week when checked out early. Giving her another chance. She has talent and can reel off sections that win. The 6 will appreciate this company and this trip. He will work into it strongly with clear running and an EW spec at odds.

Race 3 No. 4 Saige Tenniele and No. 3 Argyle Queen

This is it for the 4. She must produce something here or her best days look behind her. A tremendous bitch who I still think has something to offer and need to see that here. Gets the right map. The 3 led up last week we thought we stole it only to be nabbed on the line. Will do similar here with the last bit testing.

Race 4 No. 2 Sunset Frazier and No. 3 Pudding Monelli

The 2 will set them alight from box rise here and that’s means a few of these will need to get on their bikes early. The 3 could get the run into this up the back and be strong late here. He is enigmatic but good. Open affair with chances to 1 and 7 who don’t mind running dogs down. 8 well boxed as well. 6 has lost his way a little and the 4 isn’t close to the same dog off the arm. Great FFA with a fair bit going on once the 2 leads.

Race 5 No. 6 Spider Venom and No. 3 Aussie Singman

The Sprinters plate final. There are six leaders in this who don’t go anywhere near as good when they don’t lead. The 6 was superb again last week and he rolls across heels here and starts his run along the fence up the back. Nothing will smash this line harder. The 3 is a place hope here. Loves chasing dogs and while he has other ideas when he gets to them, he can certainly run a hole in this. Both dogs represent a great double rove in this.

Race 6 No. 3 Coulter Bale and No. 7 Bergelmir

The 3 did enough last week and I don’t mind the run he gets here. He is better than what he’s shown recently and can run into a top two slot here. The 7 will enjoy being back at Cannington and if he’s is able to cross with little trouble, he is a force to be stopped late. Not sure how he’s going off the arm but forgiving the last start failure.

Race 7 No. 8 West On Boonie and No. 1 Penny Magic

The 8 will bake these like a cake with an ounce of clear running. He really should get it too. The red to lead early and she could go well on the arm but it would take an effort to hold Boonie off. The other 3 aren’t in his hemisphere and would need him to find trouble.

Race 8 No. 4 Rare Speed and No. 5 Terror County

Good race. The 4 has a sublime record here and while the pink has a record just as formidable here, one of these is much more reliable than the other. If she leads, that’s it. The 5 could be a fly in both their eyes here as she can step fast and be hard to catch. They both also get great cover from the 6 who will hold the 8 up early as well. The middle boxes get the nod because of that.

Race 9 No. 5 Bling It Black and No. 8 Quick Lands

The 5 will break its maiden soon. Went well last time it was here and since failed in a very unsuitable Mandurah race. The 8 is frustrating but one day that run will appear first turn and that’s when he gets into this with his strong run home. This is a race we don’t need to tangle with however. Interest only.

Race 10 No. 3 Nice Wicket and No 6 Apple Crumble

With the scr of the 7 who was on top for us, the leaders might be hard to catch now. That’s the 3 and 6. Both will show their customary dash and while neither are genuine 500m dogs, they won’t get a better chance in this to lead all the way.

Race 11 No. 7 Passing Clouds and No. 8 Coco Shimmer

The 7 has a big last section over the 500 and will transfer that to this trip with ease. The small field suits and he’s a great show. The 8 will be a threat if she gets the trip. Maybe a run short but will land closer than usual here and get her chance.

Race 12 No. 1 Aztec Kid and No. 2 Charley’s Harley

The 1 is one almighty enigma. Could flog these if he leads but has some funny ideas about how this chasing caper works. Will be a price to play though and he has the box. The 2 will go fast early and run cover at least and could sneak away himself. Reliable when on the arm. Interesting race to take us out.


Race 1 No. 6 Upon Bale

Race 2 No. 1 Video Referee and No. 5 Willow Bale

Race 3 No. 7 Cabao Lapis

Race 5 No. 8 Long Legs Liam and No. 2 Container

Race 6 No. 8 Swindled

Race 7 No. 5 Motion Sensor

Race 8 No. 3 Ethanol Extra and No. 7 Bomb Roberta

Race 10 No. 6 Bun Tornado

Race 12 No. 2 Mepunga Loaf and No. 1 Rock The Marjen


Race 2 No. 2 Dottys Gift

Race 3 No. 3 Cawbourne Apollo

Race 6 No. 1 Shake It Off and No. 5 Bella Una

Race 8 No. 7 One Hot Bandit

Race 9 No. 3 Kangaroo Jack and No. 4 Leg Speed

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