Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 4 No. 6 Risky Chick, No. 3 All Cashed Up and No. 7 Archipelago Lad

The 4 is $101, that’s right, the absolute rank outsider but how she’s $101 I don’t know. Considering she finished right on the heels of the 7 last start, and the fact there will be a  possible speed mess in this, there are worse plays than the 6 at any old price. She will hit the line and is worth a small spec at least at this silly quote. The 3 and 7 are also a big prices and will be in the firing line all the way. I think this fav is a risk with a couple of speedy dogs inside her. The 3 and 7 EW and the small spec on 6 at a massive quote. 

Race 6 No. 1 Aaron Keeping 

He is just far too consistent to leave out at this price. Has a tremendous strike rate here and overall and is as consistent as they get. Jumps quickly and runs his usual honest race here. Can hit top 2. 

Race 7 No. 2 Keeping Tux and No. 1 Jump Into Action 

Amazed the 2 is such a big price here. No luck at the start last week and he’s much better than that. A cleaner getaway and up on the pace will see him very hard to beat here. Perfectly drawn and best bet at an each way basis. Save on 1 who will smash the line and he is racing super at the moment. The 2 the main go though. 

Race 9  No. 4 Theatre of War and No. 5 West On Spice 

This fav is the worse unders I’ve seen in some time. So much so that if it even wins, serious questions need to be asked of the rest of this field. The 5 is by far the best dog in the race. She is enigmatic but when she’s on, she would smack this lot into next week. Some trust is needed though. The 4 is the only other hope for mine. He will get into a spot to hit the line late and it’s just a matter of traffic here. 

Bizarre market with this one dimensional favourite never winning under 515m, more of a stayer and needs to lead to win any race. Stick with the 5 and 4 at better odds. 


Race 4 No. 7 Drako Bale 

Steps up now after some excellent runs over the 500. This is his pet distance and he has a 34.07 here. Likes the track and the small field will suit. Great show to hit top 2. 

Race 5 No. 4 Aston Tango and No. 7 Zivon Bale 

The 4 only has to offset this box to be a force here. No luck in a heat of the Warrnambool cup last start and is much better than that. Goes well here and can lead or come from back. The 7 is racing well and will run his usual honest race here at good odds. Strong efforts his last couple and can handle a wide draw. Double figure saver EW. 

Race 6 No. 5 Aston Velvet, No. 1 Days Of Thunder and No. 3 Orca

Very interesting race. The fav has caused destruction in a field before and may do so again here. Has all sorts of talent but too many tricks and doesn’t focus. For that reason we are going with 3 plays here. The 5 is a silly price and will be prominent, as will the 3 who is hard to get past when he’s on pace. The 1 stays all day and if she turns up, will get home over top of these. A race that can go a number of ways here and all 3 are with EW tickets. 

Race 7 No. 3 Warringah Bale

Tremendous price for a dog who has flown under the radar here. His lack of early toe makes his job that bit harder but no doubting that when he gets the breaks, he is as good as any of these. His map isn’t that bad here and if he can get through the first turn unscathed and handy, he will look a huge show very quickly. Best bet for nothing more than he’s an EW quote. Will give us a sight with a touch of luck. 


Race 10 No. 2 Yalena Bale and No. 8 Ridge 

Last chance for the 2. Boxed to have no excuses here and while she is going well, needs to break through the placings and start winning. Gets her chance. The 8 was disappointing last time and he’s better than that. Giving him another chance as well because he is right up to these if his best arrives with him. 


Race 1 No. 2 Curious Nick and No. 5 Crown Sally

A mixed grade final and a couple here that can get into this. The 2 is a silly quote. He only has to use his draw this week to stay handy and he can descend on these. The 5 is very similar and she will be charging late. This fav in 1 could be outpaced here and he’s not quite the same off the arm. Most this field need to avoid the fence crasher in 7 so that’s why we are going with the 2 that should be behind that trouble as it unfolds then they can launch. Keen here on both to figure with the right luck. 

Race 7 No. 4 Danyos Mercy 

A good race but the 4 is racing well enough. Will have his big middle and last split ready and only the 1 can get home harder than him. He just might get in front of that dog early and that will be telling in the end. Needs clear room but hard to stop if he gets it. Shouldn’t miss a place here. 

Race 8 No. 6 Weblec Whirl and No. 2 Toby West  

The 6 is much better than what she showed last start and her best wins this. Her last win here was over Jacks Well so she is more than capable of beating good dogs. Box the only issue but has offset them before. The 2 is a wider runner but he’s the big smokie here. He can actually handle inside draws even though he gets out to the middle up the back. Don’t underestimate him. 

Race 9 No. 4 Kinrock Star

The next big thing in SA greyhounds. Tipping them at this quote has always bought a sense of embarrassment as it does nothing for the rank and file punters out there. However when they should be shorter, they can anchor every multi one takes. And he should be much shorter as he is that good. Has issues at box rise that are slowly being sorted but apart from that, has an unrivalled and paralysing change of gears. Unless he does something seriously wrong, he will decimate this field and justify the quote. 

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