31 month wait for 2,000/1 multi

TABtouch Punter of the Week

A 2,000/1 multi 31 months in the making. Talk about playing the long game!

Placed back in April of 2017, our Punter of the Week found a Conference Winner in the NHL and the 2017 AFL and NRL Premiers.

Then came the waiting game with the fourth and final leg being South Africa to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup, a tournament that didn’t start until September this year!

* Multi was placed on 17th April, 2017.

Winning Multi

2016/17 NHL Eastern Conference Winner
Leg 1: Pittsburgh Penguins (Conference Winner) @ $3
Result: Pittsburgh WIN

2017 AFL Premiership
Leg 2: Richmond (2017 Premiers) @ $17
Result: Richmond WIN

2017 NRL Premiership
Leg 3: Melbourne (2017 Premiers) @ $4.50
Result: Melbourne WIN

2019 Rugby World Cup
Leg 4: South Africa (Tournament Winner) @ $8.75
Result: South Africa WIN


$0.50 with a multi price of $2,008.12

Paid Out