Harry Buchanan’s Wednesday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 8 Touch Of Tommy and No. 1 Trendy Dingo

The 8 is so close to win. Can step and sweep around here and that would be that. Racing well. He’s ready. The 1 might surprise off the fence draw here. Could hold up early and she can work home strongly from the middle section on. Don’t dismiss her. Keen the 8 however. 

Race 5 No. 1 Zinc and No. 5 Sunset Nightjar

Last chance the 1. Needs to get interested earlier and if he’s close then none of these will hold him off. Has the ability. The 5 missed the start last time which is unlike her. Will look to lead here and that’s makes her the one to beat from the arm spot. 

Race 8 No. 6 Stylish In Black and No. 4 Shian Pedro

The 6 could stun here again like it did last week. Possibly a little stronger this time too so can surprise. The 4 is needing some trouble but he has the talent to round these up if he can get interested earlier. Both will be odds here and EW specs. 

Race 9 No. 5 Blast Of Irish

This one will surprise like its kennel mate did last Wednesday in the previous race. Should have no issues with the trip and could run into this without any great shock. Keep in mind. Kennel going well. 

Race 10 No. 7 Stranger Within

Drops back to the short trip and the start is where he decides his race. Can show speed and if he crosses these it’s check and mate. Just betting on his jump here and he’s better than these on the arm.

Race 11 No. 8 Impress Kerr and No. 7 Fennec Fox

The 8 is racing out of its skin lately and will again give a sight. Gets up there quickly and sticks on strongly. Box good here. The 7 will try and cross again and it’s hard to catch when it leads. Loves this track and trip. Big show again. 


Race 8 No. 7 Binny Doo

Steps up now to his favoured trip and he will be hard to stop. Racing well over the sprint but running out of ground. Small field perfect. He’s the one to stop here with any luck for the top two play. 

Race 9 No. 5 Our Girls Shout 

She will be a huge quote but worth a small EW spec. Can stay and might land closer than usual and could stick on. Nothing silly but worth a small go. 

Race 11 No. 3 Bun Tornado

Disappointed slightly last start but willing to forgive. Very talented and boxed to get a great here. Can reel off big splits on the way home and her best wins. If we get EW she won’t be missing the frame here. 

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