Harry Buchanan’s Wednesday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 2 No. 3 Rogue Runner 

Forget last week for the 3. A complete mess where they were all stretched out after carnage into the back. Can lead here.

Race 3 No. 7 Dozen Staples

The 7 just keeps on hitting the frame and will go close again to doing that here. Field again limited so gets her chance.

Race 5 No. 8 West On Nugget

Slowly getting fitness back up and while he probably needs longer, this looks messy and he could jump on to the back of these to start his work early. Will be closing late and while he needs some luck here, he will be price to play EW. 

Race 6 No. 4 Tahiti Dreams

The start. That’s all this comes down to. If she nails it, and she absolutely can, then it will be see ya later. They won’t catch her in this. Box is perfect with what’s around her and she is the best dog in this by far. Wins if she spears. 

Race 8 No. 5 Fennec Fox and No. 4 Fantasy Lee 

The 5 is under rated for this and can perform well. Steps on occasion but can also come from behind and she is a major threat with luck. A lot of which will come down to getting around the 4. A speedy customer who tracks middle and can begin, she will give a sight here and is racing ok. Both strong hopes. 

Race 9 No. 2 Zinc

He’s well and truly back. Super run last week after an equally impressive effort the week prior. He’s better than these and just needs to offset his slight lack of pace to put these to the katana. His race, should be winning.

Race 10 No. 1 Morningstar Fun

Don’t underestimate her here. She is a big chance to hold up early and lead these into the back. It would take a fair effort to run her down if she does that. Will be a price and can give a sight in contrast to what her form shows. Can stun this field from box rise and will be double figures.

Race 12 No. 3 Disco Daisy and No. 1 Bazinga Boy 

The 3 has light years on these but no doubting she wasn’t at her best recently. Still, she can begin and would not be stopped if she found the arm. The 1 was disappointing last week off this box but he rarely misses it twice in a row. Will look to hold up and he will be awfully hard to run down then. 


Race 3 No. 8 Lyrical Cripps

Well boxed here as she doesn’t really start her work until she gets outside dogs. Can deliver a handy section home for this class and is a smokies hope here to hit top two. 

Race 6 No. 8 Maximum Moreland and No. 5 Tully Luna

This is an easier assignment for the 8 and she will enjoy being out here as well. Can wind up hard through the middle and last sections and will close strongly here. The 5 is looking for this trip and she can step as well. Will give these a bit to mow down if they give her a chance to take the arm. 

Race 8 No. 3 Raven Parrot

Simply looks better than these. Steps well but does lack dash but not sure that will really matter against these. Has been racing far superior dogs to this and only bad luck and plenty of it will stop her. 

Race 10 No. 8 Irma Prince and No. 7 Bahrose

A couple from the back who have good form around here and run home well in a field of suspect 500m dogs. The 8 will look for the fence but can deliver the goods on this day and while the 7 has some tricks, she has been racing much better dogs than this. 

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