Harry Buchanan’s Wednesday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 2 No. 2 Confetti Emoji and No. 3 Pyroclasm

With the red being a notoriously slow box dog, the 2 will get some room to operate. If she can stay inside and not want to go around them, she can go very close here. Just needs to hold an inside spot early. The 3 will go fast and assist that happening. She will also prove hard to catch if she leads solo. Worth some attention as she isn’t going that bad. 

Race 5 No. 7 Shy Emoji and No. 5 Thumbs Emoji

The 7 can take some time to get into her work but once she does she can reel off big sections. The chance of a messy first turn here means she could land close this time. That will also serve the 5 well who is another who charges through the gears up the back. He has had a kennel change as well so should be kept safe at big each way odds. 

Race 6 No. 3 Sunset Callisto 

The 3 would be a bird if you knew he would miss the start slightly here. Both dogs inside him want off into the back and just needs to navigate a passage under them. Wins if he does.

Race 8 No. 7 Stranger Within and No. 6 Sunset Comanche

The 7 was superb last week showing great acceleration and leading throughout in a similar affair. Will do the same again here and be hard to catch. That’s unless the 6 gets right on his doorstep down the back. He has the bigger run home and will be the one to challenge late. They look to have it between them. 

Race 10 No. 1 Shian Pedro 

This is it. He has that much on this field it isn’t remotely a contest if all things are equal. Things are never equal with this bloke though. As enigmatic as you will see and does more wrong than a teenager on a Friday night. If he steps though, and he can step when he feels like it, he would beat these like scrambled eggs. He’s just far too fast for them but is so unpredictable that it’s all trust needed with him. If he turns up at box rise and steps, this will be a drubbing. If he doesn’t, who knows where he ends up. The box means we get on board and count on him stepping well. 

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