Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets 


Race 1

No. 2 Ghost Emoji

No. 7 Seriously Lush

No. 1 Bergelmir

Perth Cup Consolation (1) and several chances. The 2 was enormous in his heat and he’s boxed to go very close now. The 7 has speed and is over the odds and will give a sight while the 1 was also very good in his heat making up big ground late behind a weapon. 

Race 2

No. 7 Storm Alert

No. 6 Mustang Timmy

No. 8 Coulter Bale

Cup Consolation (2) and the 7 is the best EW bet of the night. Perfectly housed out wide and will muster into this quickly and strong home. The 6 was excellent last week and he’s come back a better dog while the 8 will charge home albeit a fraction disappointing last week. Will be coming. The 7 gets the attention however and is the EW bet.

Race 3

No. 1 Saige Tenniele 

No. 5 All About Coal

No. 4 Harley Monelli

Banking on the 1 finding her all star form off the fence here and step up in trip. If she can punch up and lead, she wins. The 5 and 4 will both be odds and working home and hitting the frame would be no surprise. 

Race 4

No. 3 Sneaky Emoji

No. 4 Buddy Monelli

No. 6 Sunset Frazier

Perth Cup final and see runner-by runner analysis

Race 5

No. 7 Sunset Tyson 

No. 1 Sunset Mirage

No. 5 Orokanui

The 7 disappointed last week but forgiving that and he is boxed to go again here. Has speed and can cross and win. The 1 probably isn’t well drawn here but he could surprise if he stepped and held them up. The 5 will cross inside quickly if he steps and could hit the frame with a clear run.

Race 6

No. 7 Andre Bale

No. 4 Madigan

No. 2 Lady Dior

The 7 is better than his form shows and the small field and map gives him his best chance now. Top two player. The 4 is coming along lovely and will push up quickly for the arm. The 2 can hit the line hard and she was good last week. Exotics got her at least. 

Race 7

No. 3 Jelly Monelli

No. 7 Savic

No. 5 Zipping Neutron 

Galaxy final and see runner-by-runner analysis:

Race 8

No. 6 Zinzan Chopper

No. 1 West On Nugget 

No. 5 Couch Surfer

Prepared to just watch this unfold. Several hopes with dogs not in their best form.

Race 9

No. 1 Girl Hill

No. 8 Timon Lane

No. 7 Window Shopper

Last chance for the 1. Needs to present here with more and can figure this time in the top two. The 7 and 8 will go well here with them both on the up over this trip. Expect them to work home well.  

Race 10

No. 5 Maxwell Smart

No. 7 Night Moon

No. 8 Arbolino

The 5 will get his chance to lead but needs to handle his turns better. Wins if he does lead and stays in. The 7 runs placing a lot and can do so again here. The 8 was a tragedy beat last start when almost coming down close to home. Can atone.

Race 11

No. 5 Xylan Bale

No. 7 Dewanna Sensation

No. 8 Disco Trixie

The 5 was very disappointing last week and have to forgive him. Must improve though. The 7 will look to lead and she has good Vic form. The 8 also disappointed last week and can improve quickly. 

Race 12

No. 5 Vander Harley

No. 2 Sunset Comanche

No. Sunset Pepe 

The 5 gets her chance now. Finds the fence and has the big last section to put these away. Top two prospect at the very least. The 2 and 8 both capable of mustering into striking spots and will be hard to catch if they lead. 


Race 1 No. 6 Upon Bale and No. 3 Cabao Lapis

Race 2 No. 2 Bun Tornado and No. 8 Cabao Jasper

Race 4 No. 7 Piccolo Bale and No. 2 Whodat Shanlyn 

Race 5 No. 5 Mighty Quinn and No. 2 Cabao Kyanite

Race 6 No. 8 Dotty’s Gift and No. 2 Stella Girl

Race 8 No. 8 Nature Strip


Race 4 No. 8 Mr Yellowstone

Market Market