Harry Buchanan’s Perth Cup and Galaxy Preview

Sky Racing Perth Cup

Box 1 – Trooper Tears (Robert Britton)

Arrived from Victoria and immediately declared his intentions that he was not here to holiday with a 29.39 drubbing of the opposition in his heat. Dealt out a sharp 5.40 early but the most noticeable part of his early work was that customary right step at box rise to line himself up with the outside of the lure. This has been the talking point since he drew the coveted cherry and although he has a fellow wide runner directly outside him, it’s who will be coming across that has most concerned and what this bloke will do once that occurs. He basically has one task, and it’s a big one. Clear as many as he can before the inevitable speed arrives to challenge and hold a position. Deserved favourite but his vulnerability under pressure that sees him want to get over heels is a real worry. I feel at the price he is too much of a risk and I will be banking on him finding trouble. Too good to completely dismiss however and warrants serious thought. 

Box 2 – Transponder (Jason Thompson)

Looked anything but convincing in his heat win when he wobbled his way around Cannington to stave off a very game Agent Eleven. To put that into perspective though, Agent Eleven is not known for her elite 520m work at Cannington at the top level. His 29.85 was respectable enough but he is another who ducks off under first turn pressure which there will surely be. Boxed on the wrong side of the track and with the right stepper inside him, he will need some serious luck to avoid enough trouble to score. Prepared to look elsewhere with the weight of challenges against him. 

Box 3 – Sneaky Emoji (David Hobby)

Some trainers just know how to win big races because they know their dogs and what they are capable of. D Hobby is one of the best at it and has bought this bloke from relative grade 5 obscurity to a major threat in the states only group 1 sprint. In every final, there is one dog who has a sense of timing about them, that’s this bloke. Incredible performance last week when he somehow managed to weave a passage to the first turn from certain trouble to only then take over and race away in 29.76 showing sustained strength at the back. In what can only spell danger for his opposition and in this writers opinion, he has more, a lot lot more. While the draw would normally be good, he does need to miss the two dogs inside him but being a moderate first splitter at best, he just goes over heels here and waits…..because that fence run will come and he can be there to take it. That’s where his middle work starts and the leader will know it too. Sensational quote that’s into double figures and he goes on top in what is a great each way bet and he can absolutely win this with an ounce of luck. 

Box 4 – Buddy Monelli (David Hobby)

In the space of 2 weeks, he went from a lacklustre trial and no hope, to an outstanding heat win and a huge hope in this years cup. Dispatched a good field in his heat and made the fav pay dearly when he made an early error. Showed great acceleration and tenacity to drive for the arm then proceeded to march away up the back and straight into a Perth Cup final. He is another who will be looking for that fence run at the first turn and he just might get it if the 3 doesn’t. A quality dog who has raced the premium level back in Victoria and he will most certainly be his backers buddy should he find the top at any stage. Definite each way threat here.

Box 5 – Mepunga Smokey (Jeff Britton)

34 starts for 14 wins tells you this bloke turns up most days to compete and that’s exactly what he did in his heat when he showed superior muster to take over at the first turn and put a gap on them winning in 29.58 to stamp his arrival in this years cup. Another who has raced the elite back home in Victoria but while the dogs inside want to get wide and stop him crossing, it’s the bloke right outside him that will give him an instant headache at box rise and it will be enough to make his job just a bridge too far. The map is just too unkind here to see him win but big races call on big things from good dogs and this bloke can produce just that to give himself every chance. Dont dismiss him. 

Box 6 – Sunset Frazier (David Hobby)

5.31-18.01 and abracadabra there is your leader. This rising sprinting star might be a one trick wizard, but it’s a magic trick his opposition see the back of every start due to his unequivocal ability to nail the start, dazzle out the first section, only to drop the clutch again up the back to deal out another round of pure highballing speed as he carves out his low 18 split and breaks them up like shattered glass. It’s only at this point does the fuel start to run low and they come out after him but the damage is usually well and truly done as it was in his 29.65 heat over a very strong kennel mate. Like all his starts,he leads here and that’s almost a fact. He then extends that lead up the back, that is absolutely a fact. It will come down who rings his doorbell first. If it’s one of the strong boys, he’s in trouble. Needs a lead, a big one, and some trouble behind. They say in front is the place to be in big races. This bloke will be exactly where punters want him. But for how long…….?

Box 7 – Mepunga Shine (Jeff Britton)

He would have been given a pearl here drawing outside the 6. That was until he found himself inside the 8 dog which now makes his job incredibly difficult. He does however, have a sublime record off outside draws and he is where he wants to be here. His heat win though was not convincing in the sense he got everything his own way and went 5.51-29.82 which means he has too much to make up to be winning this. A spear out start and carving over when the 6 goes across is his only hope here. Very promising and he will win his share of races and probably a big one in the future, I just don’t know that it will start with this cup. Happy to leave out here. 

Box 8 – Uncle Tommy (Steve Withers)

Has a Herculean task ahead of him now he doesn’t look the obvious leader. He has however done a fantastic job to make this group 1 final and while he will need a lot to happen to even get a chance, he has that early toe that he brings to the party every time. Can handle the 8 as well and will dance across with Frazier to the first turn and look for a prominent spot. Struggles at the back of 500 so we are asking too much of him this year. It won’t be the last feature final you see him in and his time will come. It’s just not this year. 


Box 9 – Ghost Emoji (David Hobby)

He is actually a real chance if he drew inside here. A very similar profile to the kennel mate in 3, he was a few short strides off making the final when all but nabbing Sunset Frazier on the line. Give serious thought if he gains a start in 1-3.

Box 10 – Sunset Serengeti (David Hobby)

If she gets a start and you back her, you truly do think miracles can happen because that’s exactly what she will need. She simply can’t win even off the back of her courageous effort behind Trooper Tears. That’s as good as she goes and that’s just not enough. Better placed in consolation where she will get her chance. 


One of the great and most open Perth Cup finals. The box draw has thrown it wide open and on its head. I keep coming back to the map and the 3. He just looks like he will get his chance to take that first turn spot. At the double figures, he’s an each way bet to nothing and will just need a small ounce of luck early. Can run over the leader here to score. The 4 has my attention after watching him closely last week. He is also capable of putting himself on the fence and taking a run that will see him get an opportunity to go after the leader. The 6 must go in because we know where he will be… front. I just get the feeling one of these big strong boys will be breathing down his neck at the top and that will see him fold late. Can hold on for the frame spot however. 1,5,7 all have the tools to win but the map presents like a cryptic crossword to those dogs and they will need absolutely everything to go right. 


3 – 4 – 6 – 5

Sky Racing Galaxy

Box 1 – Flashing Kuna (Michael Johnston)

Great to see Michael Johnston with a group 1 finalist and while she has a formidable record off box 1 and her heat run was sound with a good 2nd to Miss Ronnie Mac, her best chances are back end exotics as she simply lacks the necessary ability to get under 42 seconds. Will try hard but not this year. 

Box 2 – Miss Ronnie Mac (Corey White)

Led throughout for a somewhat surprising 42.09 victory in her heat and while she will again show her early dash, she would most likely need some trouble behind her to get away from this field and hold on for the win. Talented but still learning what this staying caper is all about and some seasoned dogs have her measure in this. Could give some cheek though and fill a back end exotic. 

Box 3 – Jelly Monelli (Cosi Dagostino)

Every pack has a wild card, and here she is. Ran out of her skin in her heat to place 2nd to Chloe Ant, and went past Couch Surfer in the process. Enormous first up effort to get under 42 and only improves again here. Seemed to feel her way around a few spots in the run last week but she kept coming to show this trip poses no problems at all. Her famous mother dominated over this trip and Jelly is starting show a little of the family staying talent. Can stun the life out of this field and is at a quote that just can’t be ignored. Ready to run the race of her life and goes on top on the each way basis. 

Box 4 – Chloe Ant (Enzo Crudeli)  

Fastest qualifier who comes into this a much more seasoned greyhound than when she tackled this series last year making the final. Pounced on the arm and ran them ragged in a 41.71 win over a very game Jelly Monelli. Would again need to lead to win and that task is much harder this week from the draw but she’s racing well, stepping well and ready to give her connections a great sight. 

Box 5 – Zipping Neutron (Krystal Shinners)

After a disappointing first up effort, the SA stayer came out in his heat to over power his opposition late in a grinding effort to go 42.01. Lacks a little early dash and that makes things harder for him here off the middle draw but if he was to get first turn luck and land close, he will pass a few of these and let nothing pass him. Will keep coming and he’s ready to hand in a peak effort now to give his backers a real show. Keep him very safe. 

Box 6 – West On Boonie (Chris Halse)

Boonie went into the heats with a mountain of expectation and at no stage at all did he give his supporters any cause to worry. Stepped only fair but immediately got on his bike and quickly set up a match winning lead to go 41.84 which was superb considering it was not done entirely from the front. The draw has done him no favours but he goes fast after box rise and should get a clear run to the all important first turn. If he does cross and lead, it will take some run for any of these to get him but there is enough questions to warrant playing him safe on both sides of the coin. Can win, will be there early enough and he must go in. 

Box 7 – Savic (Krystal Shinners)

Monster performance from the back last week running into more dead ends than an inner city block of alley ways. Still had the audacity to charge through his last section and run a game 2nd to Boonie and although he was beaten a fair margin, it can be argued he lost more than that in the run. Can stay, has X factor and most importantly, has one very big knockout blow if he’s close to them up the back. Nothing closes this off stronger and goes in the numbers. 

Box 8 – Argyle Queen

Was brave in her heat leading until late going 42.05 but she will need more luck than my grandmother needed on bingo night to cross these and win. Even if she does fire across, she would need to get right away in front to hold these off and that’s an ask that is simply too much for her. Will win her share of staying races once she matures a little more into a staying type but this looks out of her reach. Prepared to risk and it would be an upset if she scored. 


Box 9 – Couch Surfer (Chris Halse)

Not racing anywhere near his best but would have to be considered if he got a start. Not finishing his races off lately and would need an inside draw to figure but he has class and is capable of winning this if the real Surfer arrived. 

Box 10 – Sunset Louie (Eric Campana)

Now this bloke can win if he draws the fence. Unlikely to gain a run however and better suited in the consolation but would have to be strongly considered off boxes 1,2 or 3 if he got the start. 


A little more open than the Cup final, this year’s Galaxy will come down how well the favoured runners find their spots with a lap to go. The 3 goes on top because she has a lot of upside and kept coming behind the fastest heat winner at her first attempt last week track and trip. She can also show early speed and that is critical here. Each way for her at the very least and her trainer will have her ready to fire here. The 7 is the obvious threat. With so much early speed in this, he just might stay out of it early and mind his business while they sort themselves out. Will start a long and strong sustained run and take all sorts of stopping. The 5 goes in because he will also be suited here. While he has found out this isn’t SA stayers, to his credit he has gone well and gradually got it together to peak in this. 4 and 6 the only other hopes in this and they both need the arm and quickly. Intriguing contest and excited to see it all pan out.


3 – 7 – 5 – 6 

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