Harry Buchanan’s Monday Greyhound Best Bets 


Race 3 No. 7 Wise Koonac and No. 5 Sure As Brother

The 7 is very well drawn here and a better step at box rise than what she produced last start will see her very hard to beat. The 5 is a sneaky chance and he can also be a little risky at box rise but has ability and this is easier than what he’s faced lately. 

Race 4 No. 4 Venetian 

If he can show a little more interest early here then he’s not entirely out of a top two finish. Made ground again last week and the small field will help once more but needs to show his old form here. One more go. 

Race 5 No. 2 Jason Keeping and No. 5 Rock Solid Kid

The 2 should have won last start. Kennel mate ran him off when about to take control and win. Will go fast again off the draw and if he leads, he wins. The 5 will find the fence early to start his run and he goes much better here at Cannington and can handle the corner start. Will keep finding late so EW save on him. 

Race 8 No. 1 Lenny Coaster 

Well if she’s ever going to win one of these 380s this has to be it. Her best sees her step and lead and that’s curtains against these. Just betting on box rise here. No excuses this time. 

Race 9 No. 8 Jumping Jill

Flew out last week but they pushed under her just as they reached the first turn. Well drawn here to again show speed and she might just sustain that early burn outside to lead this time. Won’t be caught if she holds the arm solo around the first turn. Does need to lead to win. 

Race 12 No. 5 Morningstar Fun and No. 7 Payakaroon 

The 5 will surprise here if she steps. Is capable of going fast and finding the top here and it would take an effort to run her down if she does. The 7 is one dog who could do it. He could also muster up here and lead himself and that is quite simply check and mate. Both solid hopes here. 

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