Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 2 No. 3 West On Sadie and No. 2 Sassy Blade

The 3 gets a much better draw finally and she will be hard to beat here if she lands close early. Runs home well and great EW show. The Sass in 2 will again be big odds and her win last week was no fluke (finally). Little harder this time but will again be running on. Place heavy for her. 

Race 3 No. 4 Tsar Bell

While we know these 2 favs have a bit on the rest, we know one of them does stay and that’s the 4. He goes all day and while the 8 will be hard to catch, questions over his ability to get the trip means the 4 is the play. 

Race 5 No. 5 Sunset Givenchy and No. 6 Painkiller

The 5 is a huge quote here and he’s not out of this. If he finds the fence early he’s a huge show. Strong win last week and confidence booster for him. The 6 will look to muster up fast early and can cross. Will take some catching if he does. 

Race 6 No. 7 Rippin’ Tomahawk and No. 5 Momentum 

The 7 wasn’t that bad last week and he can go well here. If he steps his best he has good dash and hard to catch when he’s on the arm. Will be a price. The 5 had his chance last week a few times but forgiving him because he’s a weapon and is better than that. If he found the front then this is over. Save on him. 

Race 7 No. 1 Throttle

I don’t like to embarrass myself by tipping dogs long odds on. This bloke really should be winning and while he is too short to back, he can prop up any of your longer odds plays throughout the night in your multis. The fastest dog in WA. Of that I have no doubt. He needs to show that tonight. 

Race 9 No. 5 Yahoo Serious 

Put them away last week as expected and should do so again. Does everything right, handles the corners starts perfectly and runs the trip right out. Will look ominous from the get go. Should go close. 

Race 11 No. 7 Blackpool Bolt and No. 5 Global Bliss 

The 7 has all but crossed midweek here. Had he done that, he would be in top calculations here. Don’t dismiss him. He wants the fence badly but the small field will help him get there faster. The 5 was super last week and can go one better. Took huge ground off this fav and a clear run will see her in the finish. 


Race 6 No. 3 Spring Elegance 

Coming out of the Opal. Consistent girl who steps, rails and sticks on all day. Can run time and well boxed to land in a first turn striking position. Any luck at all will see her the one they have to stop. 

Race 7 No. 2 Scramjet

Giving one more chance due to the draw and what’s around her. Can muster up and when she lands handy, she goes much better in the run home. Looking for her to move into this quickly after the first turn. 

Race 9 No. 7 Hold Me Up and No. 2 Fascinate Mel

One of these two should find the top then that will be it. The 2 is racing well and out of her skin lately. Reliable box dog. The 7 goes fast after lids up and has a quick PB here. Whichever holds the arm becomes a huge contender and both priced to be played here. 

Race 10 No. 6 Cumbria Kid

Beautifully placed in this company and massive drop in class. Coming out of a group 1 where he had no luck. Can take a little bit to get into it but once he balances up he unleashes some huge run homes. EW price is ridiculous for mine and best bet. Shouldn’t miss a place at the very least. 


We have an outstanding night of chasing at The Meadows with 8 heats of the time honoured Group 1 Maturity Classic and 3 heats of the Destiny Fireball for the stayers. We will take a look at every heat in both events and isolate any bets from there. 

Race 2 – Heat 1 of the Fireball

The 1 Jarick Bale has this by the neck. He only has to produce his near best to win. He’s short enough however and not a bet. Open behind him for the placings. We will just watch this one.

Bet: None

Race 3 – Heat 2 of the Fireball

More open here. The 5 Aston Velvet has been racing well and hard to beat. 8 will improve here 2nd look at trip and 1,2,3 can all place. No bets and just watch. 

Bet: None

Race 4 – Heat 3 of the Fireball

The 2 Golden Quest should lead but the last bit tests. The 5 Rohan Bale will charge home and looks a player while the 6 is enigmatic but good. 

Bet: No. 5 Rohan Bale (Win) 

Race 5 – Heat 1 of the Maturity

It’s the 1 Amron Boy who should put these to the sword. Boxed to win and win easily if he steps. 6,7,8 the chances to run on. 

Bet: No. 1 Amron Boy (Win)

Bet: 1-6,7,8-F (Trifecta) 

Race 6 – Heat 2 of the Maturity

Every runner except the 7 can win and it won’t be a shock. Incredibly open and one to watch only. The 2 Who Told Shorty looks a major player. 

Bet: None

Race 7 – Heat 3 of the Maturity

The 1 My Neo, 7 Plaintiff and 5 Dynamic Prince all looks forward showings here. The 3 Francis Benali is a big EW contender though and will be working home hard. 

Bet: No. 3 Francis Benali (Place Heavy) 

Race 8 – Heat 4 of the Maturity

This next heat looks a standout with the 4 Wow She’s Fast resuming. Brilliant bitch and should put these away. Watch the 7 Chic for the placings or upset if the fav does anything wrong. Place go for her. 

Bet: No. 7 Chic (Place Heavy)

Race 9 – Heat 5 of the Maturity

Great heat. The 7 Yahiro Bale was huge last start and wins with any luck here. 2,4,6,8 all serious hopes to get into the money but the 7 only needs a clear run to hit the podium. 

Bet: No. 7 Yahiro Bale (EW all day with any luck at all)

Race 10 – Heat 6 of the Maturity

The 8 Kelsey Bale a monster chance here. Has all sorts of talent and runs serious sections in her races. The 5 Kinrock Start is slow early but huge engine. Will smash that line hard!!!

Bet: No. 8 Kelsey Bale (Win)

Bet: No. 5 Kinrock Star (Place Heavy)

Race 11 – Heat 7 of the Maturity

The softest heat which means the 1 Dusty Bourbski only has to stay out of trouble to give these what for. Boxed well but is starting to want to go around dogs lately. The 8 Quinlan Bale is over the odds and will be there at the end. The 5 is a smokie. 

Bet: No. 1 Dusty Bourbski (Win) 

Bet: No. 8 Quinlan Bale (EW)

Race 12 – Final Heat of the Maturity

Keen here on the 2 He’s No Slouch. Boxed to get the gun run at great odds. Save on the 1 Plagiarise who is boxed to lead and hard to catch. 5,6,7 the only chances to run into placings. 

Bet: No. 2 He’s No Slouch (EW)

Bet: No. 1 Plagiarise (Win) 

Tabtouch have a $20,000 quaddie jackpot. Couple of options here.

(1) 1,6,7/F/1,3,4,5,7/1,2,3,4,7 =$600

(2) 1/F//F/4=$64

(3) 1/F/1/4=$8

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