Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips



Race 8 No. 9 Poppy Passion 

While she may need some luck to win, she won’t need a lot to place here so that makes her an EW go. Her formline is actually quite strong for a race like this and she has a good solid run home being a staying type. Damo’s kennel flying at the moment and she will give a good account here. 

Race 9 No. 5 Winsome Mia and No. 6 Riley Has It 

The 5 is sneaking down in the grades and she gets her chance against this company. When she spears out and leads, it’s all over and that’s all she needs to do here. Grand campaigner who is still racing with zest. The 6 goes well track and trip and the map is not that bad for her. She can also show dash and hard to beat with a clear look early. 

Race 10 No. 7 Mick Flash and No. 6 Bush Martini

The 7 has some issues at box rise but there is no doubting his ability and one out, would decimate every dog in this race. Full fields bring him back to them but when he gets the right run, not even that is enough to stop him. Superb in a heat of the Mandurah Derby and goes just as well here. The 6 is racing better than it looks on paper and is a place chance at monster odds here. Don’t be surprised to see her run on late. 

Race 11 No. 4 Exploded Ravioli

Few dogs in this can get under the 22 mark but the 4 can when he steps. Only has to lead this field and it’s check and mate. Track and trip stats very good and looks the one. Best bet.


Race 1 No. 7 Lala Hibiscus 

Cannot be giving her too many more chances. The ability is there but the execution is left wanting lately. Her best is right up to these and trust is now required. At the odds she is worth another go but she is racing on very thin ice with this page and must produce. 

Race 5 No. 6 Pyrotechnic and No. 7 Spring Ammo

If either of these hold the 8 out early, it’s game over. Both have the talent to step and drive over here and neither will be caught on the arm. The 7 can come from anywhere to win and the 6 goes very well around here. Both great chances. 

Race 6 No. 3 All Show and No. 5 Victa Maggie

A couple of big smokies here. The 3 will be waiting for runs to appear first turn and if they come, he will power through and hit the line hard. Expect the 5 to step quickly and show her consistent form over this track and trip. A win from either would be no shock. 

Race 7 No. 6 Off Switch 

He’s going well and while he will be a price, can show up early and stick as he did last week. Will look to cut over to the fence and while he has a little flat spot up the back, he can rally to hit the podium. 

Race 8 No. 6 Weblec Pearl and No. 4 Rhonda Lilly 

Interesting race. This fav isn’t well drawn in 2, wants to get off and has not been here under race conditions at least. The 4 is strong, has seen the place and can surprise here. She will be looking to get into it up the back. The 6 is way over the odds and any luck off the draw will see her figure as well. Has gone 30.6 and that would win this. Both EW players here. 

Race 11 No. 2 Spiritual Vision and No. 8 Land Of Promise 

The 2 should lead throughout here. Only has to step cleanly to win. She’s the best 342m dog in the race and a slow start is all that will cost her. If she makes an error, the 8 can surprise. Has never won from the box but that won’t be a concern here as she is good in a field and will work her way into this quickly. Main go 2 and save 8. 

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