Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 4 No. 8 West On Fizz and No. 4 Bionic Polly

A couple at huge odds here we have followed for some time. The 8 was very unlucky not to finish much closer in a heat of the oaks. Her form doesn’t look like much but she goes better than people think. Speaking of unlucky, the 4 was stood up in her tracks in the same race and should have gone much much closer. Both can shock these with the right runs. Massive place heavy plays. 

Race 5 No. 2 West On Sadie, No. 3 Alaska’s Girl and No. 4 Incredible Pinto 

The Oaks final and going with 2,3,4 in that order. The 2 is boxed to run a monster here. Only has to half step and track the red up to unleash a big run home. Can win!! The 3 can do much the same. Very talented and if she gets the breaks and lands close, they will struggle to hold her out. The 4 is the smokie and only needs a clear run to figure. Backing all 3 here at the odds. 

Race 6 No. 3 West on Soho and No. 4 Fire Cloud 

Looking for the 3 to get a nice run to the first turn here and reproduce its effort from 2 starts ago. Reels off good sections when given clear air and hard to beat. The 4 is an interesting runner. His best would demolish these but he was disappointing upon resumption at Cannington. Mandurah may suit him however and he has a blistering turn of foot when balanced up. If he finds the front it’s over. 

Race 7 No. 1 Archibald 

Trainer has done a remarkable job with this bloke and he’s drawn to go close here. Will muster up hard and if he can hold out the early speed, which he has a stack of himself, he will go all the way. Good race but he’s a leading show here. 

Race 8 No. 1 Easy Kuna and No. 8 West On Harmony 

The 1 is taking all before him so far and has already shown he can run time here. Has great acceleration and is strong. Should be winning with even luck. The 8 loves a wide draw and can surprise. She will look to go quickly out wide and if this red makes an error, she can surprise at odds. EW for her. 

Race 9 No. 4 Sitizano Rocks 

Was just plain bad luck that Falcon Nine landed on his tail last week. Any other start, his 27.5 would have bolted in and he only has to replicate that to win this. Very hard to stop. 


Race 1 No. 2 Chatting and No. 3 Criminal 

The 2 opens at a ridiculous quote around $71. Into $26 and still a great EW bet. Boxes change drastically from last week and with wide runners outside her, she will get her chance to land a lot closer. The fav won’t get the same favours this week and she can turn the tables on him at a big price. Place heavy go at least. Save on 3 who will be running on and is talented. Goes well here and can do something against these. 

Race 6 No. 7 Victa Buzz and No. 8 Highly Praised

Looking for the 7 to spear out and over. Hard to run down when she leads and gets her chance here. The 8 will track her over and he has some strength about him. Racing harder races in town, expect him to go a lot better here today and should go very close if he steps. 

Mandurah Oaks Final

Box 1 – Danni’s Gem (Jamie Marsh)

Quick beginner who will use the box to spear out and hold the arm early. Will get pressure from the middle division and a question mark over her late strength makes her vulnerable. Will give backers a sight but will need trouble behind her to hold on. 

Box 2 – West On Sadie (Damien Crudeli)

Superb effort in her heat and now moves to a box that gives her an undeniable chance. Can step better than most think and won’t be that far off the red early. Rattles of a good middle section and even bigger last section. Can overcome checks and trouble and chases her heart out. Gets her chance off the perfect map and goes on top at the great price. 

Box 3 – Alaska’s Girl (Enzo Crudeli)

The obvious danger and capable of giving these a beating. Has taken to Mandurah like she was made for it and her heat run was outstanding. Can be a little tardy early but soon gets into her gears and will be hitting the line harder than most. Runs time. Hard to beat and makes the podium here.

Box 4 – Incredible Pinto (Fran Farrell)

The little dynamo who we have followed since day one like the rest of her litter mates. She is under rated as evidenced by last weeks tough effort in winning her heat. She doesn’t take to traffic well but if they let her run, she can reel off race winning fractions. Box is sticky but will give her all and the start is critical for her to land close. 

Box 5 – My Dad’s Augie (Chris Halse)

Will be the first of the middle/outside division to be coming across to the arm. Relies on her early speed to set herself up for forward showings but the last little bit can sometimes test over this trip. Weather she crosses the 1 is a question mark and then holding on is the bigger issue. Racing well but a clean lead is needed for her to win. 

Box 6 – Nova Nugget (Andrew Mclaren) 

In electric form as is her trainer who is winning everything at the present. This girl is as consistent as they get. Normally has good early toe but has been away steadily her last couple and relies on muster which may not come off here. Has pace all around and will need her very best box manners to get into this. Can win if she crosses early without interruption but box does make it harder. 

Box 7 – Smooth Move (Colleen Pierson)

Another slippery beginner who set the pace in her heat before being run over by Alaska’s Girl. Will need luck this week in a much tougher assignment and while she will show pace, that’s probably where it will end for her. Prepared to risk. 

Box 8 – Safari Train (Eric Campana)

Ever consistent girl who took all the right runs in her heat to win running over Danni’s Gem. Showed good track sense and strength and while she had the luck to go with it, really capitalised on it like a good dog. Has shown lovely form at Cannington, getting better with each outing and can give a sight here at a good price. Not boxed well but can come from back and will be looking for runs up the back.

Selections – 2,3,4,8

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