Kyle Harper’s American Dream

Trainer-reinsman, Kyle Harper has left the door ajar and will not rule out returning to the United States after his recent working holiday in New York was cut short.

Harper planned on extending his three month stay, but a problem with his visa and the lure of the upcoming Perth Inter Dominion series forced an early return home.

“I definitely hope I can get back there at some point and that is the plan,” Harper told TABradio.

“I probably would still be there now and planned on staying a fair bit longer than what I did.

“I only got a three month visa and I thought I was able to change it over there and extend it, but they told me unfortunately I had to go home to sort it all out.

“I was thinking of going straight back, but Bettors Fire is coming up to the bigger races and the Inter Dominion’s.

“Hopefully things can go better this year and I can get him all the way through.

“It’s exciting to say you have a horse eligible for those type of races.

“I will take him through the series and then go back next year.”

Harper said working in a foreign environment afforded him an alternate perspective on previously established training techniques.

“It was a really good eye-opener and it’s interesting to see how they do things,” Harper said.

“Initially you sit there and go they can’t possibly do any good doing that.

“But they do and come out and run a hell of a race and serious good time.

“It’s a real good eye-opener to opening your mind.

“There is more than one way to get a horse to go.

“We work them a lot harder, but they can really do a big job of light work.

“It gives you a different avenue to try and do different things.

“It opened my eyes and gave me a broader perspective on what you can and can’t do.”

Before leaving for home Harper was able to indulge in one of his greatest thrills in racing at the venerable Yonkers Raceway.

“My first drive at Yonkers was a winner so that was exciting,” Harper said.

“It was a huge achievement for me and felt like winning a group one race.

“It was a great experience to drive against the best drivers in the world.”

Harper will hope Bettors Fire can return to full fitness after last year’s Inter Dominion series was cut short with a foot abscess.

The brown gelding has not raced since finishing second to Cyamach in last January’s Lord Mayor’s Cup (2130m) at Gloucester Park.