Harry Buchanan’s Wednesday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 5 No. 1 Happy Quinn

Disappointed off this box last time. Missed the start ever so slightly but it was enough to allow the winner the fly and off and gone. Can atone here with her usual good step and should go close now. 

Race 7 No. 4 Pumping Gas

Has a decent record here at the track and trip. Has also raced better dogs and draw doesn’t really matter as he misses it most starts anyway. He does make a fast run up the back however and can sustain that home. Each way prospects appear bright here. 

Race 8 No. 7 Dark Intruder and No. 3 Raining Cash

A race of very few chances. The 7 will look for an early arm and if he gets it to himself, which is when he produces his best, he will take some catching as their aren’t many fast dogs in this. That also means the 3 isn’t hopeless here. He gets back but hits the line well and could fill a frame spot here with a clean run into the back. Place heavy go for him. 

Race 10 No. 7 Only Beard and No. 6 Simply Out There

There’s a possible blow out on here. The 7 isn’t hopeless and could strike with a bit of early luck. Has gone 16.29 and that would probably win this. The 6 is another who is limited but this is his race if he rocks up. His box manners are key and his last few efforts have not been entirely bad. Either one of these could win or hit the frame here. 

Race 11 No. 3 Black Trinity and No. 4 Kid Kimetto

The 3 is the knockout blow of the night and it all comes down to one thing. She has to lead. Boxed to spear out on to the arm and if she holds the front solo up the back she will take some catching. Can sting these like a bee if she’s jumps. The 4 will improve out of sight here if he is left alone early. Better grades have awaited him than this lot recently and will relish the drop in company. Don’t ignore him. 

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