Harry Buchanan’s Thursday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 3 Bracton

There won’t be a better chance for her. End of story. Best dog in a very ordinary race and only has to do everything close to right to win. No excuses, none.

Race 6 No. 4 Ruthless Tiger

Track and race experience here could be telling for this bloke. Has talent and needs a clean getaway and left alone early and he can get into it quickly. Will threaten the red if he lands behind it first turn. EW at least for him.

Race 8 No. 7 Ballistic Ant

Trialled well and with a key scratching, she might just sweep across here as she is normally reliable at box rise. Known as a stayer she would only have to land close to be a major threat in the run home against these. Traffic her other issue if she doesn’t lead as a couple of these are no hope over the trip and simply can’t get it so she must avoid those. Place heavy spec first up.

Race 9 No. 3 Pepper Grinder and No. 2 Disco Trixie

The 3 has had a look now and she’s crying for the trip. Field are out of form or can’t stay so she gets her chance. Needs to get interested earlier though. As does the 2 who can actually stay but gets a long way out of her ground. Had a look here last Saturday and will be running home hard. EW specs in an average staying affair.


Race 1 No. 4 Cabao Opal

Race 2 No. 5 Flying Dinar

Race 3 No. 1 Weeona Star

Race 5 No. 1 Desired Path and No. 7 Raya Star

Race 6 No. 4 Uriah Bale and No. 1 Flying Currency

Race 7 No. 6 Ethanol Volume and No. 7 Fabs Vegetable

Race 11 No. 3 Video Referee and No. 2 Underway

Race 12 No. 2 Oscar Intention


Race 1 No. 2 Binny Doo and No. 1 Black Tsunami

Race 2 No. 7 Palawa King

Race 3 No. 2 Dundee Lexi

Race 4 No. 2 Yachi Bale and No. 4 Irinka Lottie

Race 5 No. 2 Hector Fawley

Race 6 No. 1 Uncle Tommy

Race 7 No. 2 Sunset Frazier

Race 8 No. 4 Good Odds Cobber

Race 9 No. 6 Morton and No. 7 Sneaky Emoji

Race 10 No. 8 Cindy Keeping

Race 11 No. 7 Zipping Megatron and No. 6 Here Comes Milli

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