Harry Buchanan’s Thursday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 8 Chipping Away and No. 4 Run A Tick

Steady Novice class race to kick things off. Small specs on these two at what should be decent prices. The red the one to beat but likely odds on so will place heavy these two who can figure on their best form. 

Race 2 No. 7 Canya Bon Bon

Only needs to obtain a clear run here to be a great top two play. Well bred and is now ready to break through and gets the good map here to go close in this maiden.

Race 3 No. 8 Go Seek Francine and No. 2 Quick Lands

The 8 needs to win this or she simply isn’t wanting to. Expect her to spear down and almost lead here and gets one last chance to break through. The 2 will get me again as he has the talent but doesn’t get into it early. Box may assist that happening here and he will run on hard. Place heavy spec on him. 

Race 4 No. 4 Tahiti Dreams and No. 6 Vander Harley 

Keen to bet here. The 4 will get a nice look early with the 3 cutting in and going fast. If she can hold a spot, she is right in this on the way home. The 6 is well over the odds here and only needs to chime in up the back to be very hard to hold out. Both dogs great EW bets and can win as well. 

Race 5

Race 6 No. 2 West On Boonie and No. 5 Inside Scoop

The 2 might secure a first turn run to land closer in transit here. Will finish off hard and any luck see him hard to stop. The 5 gets his chance as well and just needs a good step at box rise and he will get a good map off that. He’s a threat here. 

Race 7 No. 5 Arbolino and No. 4 Moose Banner 

The 5 can take a bit to wind up but the small field sees him hard to hold out here. Runs time and getting better with each outing. The 4 drops back from the 600 and this will suit now. Can get up there early here and will give a great sight in this. The look last week will give him a good show and he gets a save. 

Race 8 No. 3 Impress Kerr and No. 5 Wahoo Monelli

The 3 is the best EW bet all night. Under rated and going enormous. She is boxed to give this a huge shake and will be very hard to stop. The 5 has been making good ground over this trip including his last one where he flashed home late from well back. Could surprise here. 

Race 9 No. 2 Coulter Bale and No. 8 Pudding Monelli

The 2 gets his chance. Boxed to get every possible hope now and can reel off strong sections to hit top two. The 8 will also go well here. Had a 600 last week but switched off at the top and just held his spot. Will be charging into this with any luck at all. Big show as well. 

Race 10 No. 8 Fizzy Chrissy 

Only has to offset the box here and cross. That’s where this race will be won. Can handle wide draws and runs good time. Just needs to lead. We don’t want a silly price however and need $3 or better. 

Race 11 No. 6 I’m Upstairs and No. 7 Polygon Monelli

The 6 is ready. Wide draw perfect and will try and lead these and has been racing well. If he holds the arm he goes all the way. Great EW bet. The 7 will get back early but run home well and while she doesn’t win many, she hits the frame a lot and will so again here with a clear run. 

Race 12 No. 3 In Her Mood

Just missed the start a fraction last time off the red. This much easier and looking for her to lead this time and that sees her too hard to reel in against these. Can win the last with a good step. 


Race 1 No. 8 Dundee Lexi and No. 1 Kiptum

Race 4 No. 6 Crackerjack Boom

Race 5 No. 2 Piccolo Bale and No. 7 Spot Fox

Race 6 No. 8 Yachi Bale

Race 7 No. 6 Whodat Shanlyn

Race 9 No. 2 King Owen

Race 10 No. 8 Grand Tourer

Race 11 No. 8 Darnum Diva and No. 1 Tully Luna