Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets

8 heats of the Sky Racing Perth Cup and 4 heats of the Galaxy await decision tonight at Cannington both at Group 1 level. We go through each heat to give the best chances and bets for the 12 event card.The Meadows and Wentworth Park as well.


Race 1

No. 4 Hurricane Taylor

No. 8 Couch Surfer

No. 5 Jelly Monelli

First heat of the Galaxy and not clear cut as most of these aren’t tonight. The 4 was good last week when he couldn’t lead and that’s where he likes to be. Will step and go fast and could find his favoured role here and he is one dog who is not easy to catch when he’s on that arm. The 8 has struggled for his level of talent lately but his run home from the back last week was good and his last section showed he might be not far off. If he’s back on, he’s the one to beat. The 5 is the wildcard here. Superb at Mandurah and it looks like she can stay. If she got up there early she might stick on and give these a little to think about. She’s a smokie. 1,7 and to a lesser degree the 3, are the only others who can figure. 

BET: Hurricane Taylor (ew)

Race 2

No. 8 Andre Bale

No. 4 Mepunga Smokey

No. 3 Storm Alert

The opening Cup heat. The 8 has been largely forgotten because of his form but there have been some genuine excuses and we saw last week what he can do when he gets a look. Should have won that too had it not been for a wrong decision at the top and turning. Handles the outside and map is good. If he goes around untouched, he’s got 29.60 in him no doubt on a good track. He’s a very good dog when right. The visitor in 4 is clearly the dog to beat. His formline alone is far superior to anything in this and with 29.27 Sandown and 29.67 Meadows runs, his ability is there for all to see. Has an electric turn of foot after 20m and if he leads this field, we will look to see who runs 2nd to make the consolation because it will be good and bye. The 3 drops back from the 600s which is a formula I like and while he gets a little wide, he is capable of getting up there early and would be one to keep coming and hitting the frame. A place heavy prospect at least. 2 and 7 the only other dogs who warrant consideration around these. 

BET: Andre Bale (ew)

BET: Mepunga Smokey (win)

Race 3 

No. 1 Shy Emoji

No. 6 Bunji Man

No. 7 Transponder 

Heat 2 of the Cup and a few hopes here. The 1 has her draw and she is racing well and while this is a step up in class, she has a 29.84 to her name and will enjoy a good fence journey here. Strong at the back, she will get her chance and we should see EW odds. The 6 has continued to answer every challenge thrown at him and while the draw isn’t usually ideal, his map looks ok here and he can either lead or come from back. The Victorian in 7 has strong form that brings into this and is a 23 time winner with the Topgun his biggest feature win. Has terrific muster and excels when drawn wide as he can work off the turns sometimes. A clean step will see him threaten from the get go and be hard to stop. 2, 3, 5, 8 some chance if things went their way but they all need a lot to happen to win. 

BET: Shy Emoji (plc heavy)

Race 4 

No. 6 Savic

No. 1 West On Boonie

No. Zinzan Chopper

The next run off for the Galaxy and this will be a great race. The 6 has the infamous “sense of timing” about him. Back to back wins here track and trip and doing it from the back. Small field suits again and he will wind up strongly and improve once more to hit top two at the very least. Only bad luck should see him not go through. The 1 was outstanding last week over the 600m trip. Ran dazzling fractions to stop the clock at 34.40 and while there is some question marks about the splits in that race, he only has to get the extra little bit of distance and he will be the one to stop. Could blow these away. The 2 disappointed first up here but he’s much better than that and the draw will see him improve out of sight. Can stay and has raced some handy dogs back in Victoria so is right up to these at his best. The 7 has too many questions to answer while others will struggle. 

BET: Savic (win)

BET: Exacta 1, 2, 6 (boxed)

Race 5

No. 4 Trooper Tears

No. 5 Mustang Timmy

No. 2 Nangar Chief

Another Cup heat and the 4 comes into this off an electric trial last week that proves he has literal panels on this field. Dazzled with a 5.45 early to go 29.48 overall. That says it all. His box and map here are quite good and he will get the early room to repeat the trial. That means he could lead here and the rest then race for place money. The 5 could run on from the back here and has a lot of ability. Place hopes are his best hope. As is the 2 who drops back from 600m to this trip but he’s not a genuine top liner nor was last weeks sectionals adding up. He also gets a sticky map but so do the rest and he is going in by default to run on and nothing more. The 4 will either bolt in or the other 7 will roll the dice for luck around the map and victory. 

NO BET: Fav too short and need $2.30 or better

Race 6

No. 6 Sunset Frazier

No. 1 Ghost Emoji

No. 3 Saige Tenniele 

What a race!! This heat has the makings of a final with all the quality lining up. The 6 has that Mach 10 speed from box rise to back section and he should again just stroll across for fun here to bust them up into the back. The last bit tests but the damage is usually well and truly done by then. This will be a matter of who gets on his doorstep first and how soon. I’m going to spec that will be the 1 or 3. The 1 was too bad to true at Mandurah. He is far better than that and gets a box to show as much. The 3 is one of WAs gun sprinters and she could land right there this week and comes off a 29.53 trial. Lacking confidence but has a great draw and can turn it around. The 7 is resuming and he’s a class dog but he just looks like he has to do too much right here in a race that will afford no dog any errors. Hes a champ though and he will never lay down no matter what. The 8 is also in a similar boat with the map and it might have just come around too soon for him. Great race but in front is the place to be and that’s where the 6 should be. 

BET: Sunset Frazier (win)

BET: Saige Tenniele (ew and place heavy)

Race 7

No. 3 Cawbourne Roses

No. 4 Speed Freak

No. 1 Mongolian Tiger

The shock scratching of Flying Freda this morning has thrown the Galaxy wide open. This heat is now a 2 dog race between 3 and 4 and if anything else wins, it will be an upset and take some shine off the final. The 4 probably lands top two early now and then it’s a matter of how soon she gets around those who can’t stay. In saying that, she is not going as well as she can but she only has to hold the 3 out here in the run to the line. All things being equal, they should clear out here to fight it out. Outside of those two, it’s just anaverage edition of the Galaxy and a watch only now with the fav out, who would have blasted these off the track. The 1 goes in for 3rd because he is yet to have a 700 so there is a chance he might see the trip out.

NO BET: low grade heat for a group 1 now the highlight is scratched 

Race 8

No. 8 Mepunga Shine

No. 3 Pudding Monelli

No. 1 Lady Dior

The Victorian visitor sits out in the box that has presented a premium record for this bloke with 4 wins from 5 starts. Will skate down to the first turn with gusto and should he take over, his 29.76 at The Meadows tells you he won’t be for catching. Only a bad step will see him struggle. Nothing else stands out as a logical threat but both 3 and 1 could run on from midfield to hit the placings and they will be odds. Some chance to 6 and 7 and possibly 5 but this fav has one paw on the key to the trophy cabinet.  

BET: Mepunga Shine (win)

Race 9

No. 2 Xylan Bale

No. 1 Disco Trixie

No. 8 Zipping Neutron 

The 2 is going super and he’s ready. Tremendous first up run behind Flying Freda and will strip fitter again and drawn to land closer this time. He will drop a very strong middle action where he does his best work and set himself up to be in the finish. Big show!! The 1 is the knockout blow here especially if she steps, which she can. Stays all day and excels off the inside when she can land top few early. She is a great top two play as well. The 8 will improve this week off a lacklustre first up WA effort. Run home was ok and the small field will suit him as that’s what he is used to. Just needs to offset the wide draw early. 6 and 7 need  good runs early and there might be a bit to stop that happening. Keen to bet the 1 and 2 here. 

BET: Xylan Bale (ew)

BET: Disco Trixie (ew)

BET: Box trifecta 1, 2, 6, 7, 8

Race 10

No. 1 Vander Harley

No. 4 Sneaky Emoji

No. 2 No Limit Needed

The 1 is boxed to shake the life out of this but she has one job, and that’s to hold her spot in the run to the first turn. She steps well but lacks a little dash. She then gets into her work and delivers winning last sections when close. Banking on that on the EW basis here. The 4 has a tricky draw but he could still find a spot here and he is awfully strong and runs time when clear. The first section is where his chances are decided but he can get into this. The 2 will show her speed and run cover for the outside division impeding their way across. She can stick on as well and while the last bit tests, she might be the leader here. Chances to 8 and possibly 7 to a lesser extent.

BET: Vander Harley (ew and please heavy)

BET: Sneaky Emoji (ew)

Race 11

No. 3 Coulter Bale

No. 8 Carter Axelrod

No. 5 Sunset Commanche

A long wait that will be worth it if the map plays its part. The 3 is one ginormous hope here. Monster run last week from the back dropping a booming last section and he’s drawn to land much much closer this time. Trialled superbly in the lead up, he’s ready. Can win this and is an EW quote yet shouldn’t be. The best EW bet all night. The 8 will also represent a big EW price and he can suprise here. Racing well for a young lady who has simply excelled since taking up training outright and he will give her a great sight here as he handles the box and will get a cart over. The 5 will figure if he has a crack but he needs trust. The 2 was horrible last week for him and just not sure how he turns it around in 7 days. He’s good when right but he’s carrying a lot of strapping? The 1 is a sneaky place hope. The rest need miracles and big ones. 

BET: Coulter Bale (best ew all day)

BET: Carter Axelrod (ew)

Race 12

No. 4 Sunset Tyson

No. 7 Buddy Monelli

No. 6 Go Seek Katoni

Round out the heats with the 5 winning this with half an ounce of early room at all. Was barnstorming last week even though tired in the run home and the only downside is the dog he beat got too close and shouldn’t have so his run was flattered. This bloke will strip fitter again and has a dazzling turn of speed to the first mark. He can lead, then he wins. The 7 at his best would be a threat but he has a few questions to answer at the moment and his draw is very tricky but no denying his talent when right and he could improve to hit the frame. The 6 will show his usual pace but would need to get away here although he could stick on for a hole.  The rest look messy with nothing looking like it will upset the party for the 5. 

BET: Sunset Tyson (best win bet all night)


Race 1 No. 7 Upon Bale and No. 8 Cabao Lapis

Race 2 No. 2 Piccolo Bale

Race 5 No. 7 Daintree Dazzler

Race 6 No. 7 Smooth Plane

Race 7 No. 1 Cuthbert Binns

Race 8 No. 5 Moraine Charli

Race 9 No. 2 Wincey Bale

Race 10 No. 1 Moraine Marco


Race 1 No. 4 Leg Press and No. 2 Marvel Zombie

Race 3 No. 4 Has Ability

Race 10 No. 3 Leg Speed

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