Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 6 Beckie’s Dream

Was immensely disappointing at Mandurah off the red. She’s just a spec here at huge odds each way because she has ability when she turns up. Nothing silly but playing for a frame hit. 

Race 2 No. 8 Storm Alert

Resigned to the fact he is much better off out wide. Wants to get to the middle to get into his work which starts up the back. Is close and a clear run here sees him threaten late. 

Race 4 No. 4 Flying Freda and No. 6 Sunset Louie

The 4 being tested over this long trip for the first time. She should find the arm at an early stage and then it’s a matter of how quickly the battery goes flat in the run home. Looks like she will get the distance but getting a price to take in the questions about her at this trip. The 6 needs the fence but he’s racing so well he can’t be ignored. Will just keep coming and looks an each way show at least. 

Race 7 No. 1 Fabs Max Potato and No. 7 Belle Violin

Old mate Fabsy in 1 can give us a sight here if he comes out better than the last time he had the red. Went well last week and has been known to step. Will be a price but definitely worth the spec each way. The 7 is a notorious place getter and he’s capable when he’s on. He can surprise here if he gets into a striking spot. Can hit the line well. 

Race 8 No. 4 Columbus Monelli

He’s not out of this with the small field. Was a good effort two back when closing late and can reel off some strong sections home. Top two player with any first turn luck.

Race 10 No. 4 Daph’s Yak and No. 2 Kanji Giant

The 4 only has to step here. If he does, he gets the all time cart over behind the 3 and he will put it to the sword with little fuss. Best dog in this and only has to sort this box out early to win. Have a little spec each way on the 2 who can take a fence run here if Rubidium crosses, because that will see the red duck off who can’t handle pressure early. The 2 isn’t the fastest dog but he will keep coming. 


Race 2 No. 6 Weblec Tiara

Shame she didn’t draw in as she would have been chips in here. Still only has to offset this box here to go close and should be a price now with the draw. She has talent and follow her. 

Race 4 No. 2 Jack Disney 

The box brings him into play here. Has good speed and can hold up for the arm now and will take some catching if he gets it solo. Went well in a stronger race last week and gets his chance now. 

Race 5 No. 8 Kadence Bale

Lacks early dash and needs the runs to appear but nothing will hit the line harder and she will be better for that run last week after a short let up. Starts her run off the back and if she’s close she can hit the frame. 

Race 6 No. 7 Heffernan Bale and No. 4 Camp Fire

The 7 can get over here and he’s under rated. Sticks on strongly when up on the pace and can give a great sight if he steps here. As can our boy in 4 who was super last week. Charged through gears late to score and has upside and improving weekly. Top two with a clear run for him. 

Race 7 No. 8 Aston Michigan 

Another who only has to offset the wide draw to give these a shake. Has middle trip form and does well here and these won’t hold him off if he settles forward. Been racing much tougher opposition. Each way threat at least. 

Race 8 No. 7 Oregon Durant and No. 8 All Talent

Both dogs coming out of the Silver Chief. The 7 will step well and he can go fast. A chance to cross here and find the arm and be hard to catch. The 8 will come across with him and he has speed too. He will be equally tough to catch if he gets on the lure. Both strong hopes if they nail the start. 

Race 9 No. 7 Rock Me Rocco

Coming out of a Sale cup heat. Racing as well as ever and will look to dash up with a lap to go and be very hard to stop. Can be enigmatic but trip is perfect now and hard to beat if he comes across cleanly. 

Race 11 No. 8 Binny Do and No. 5 Shima Deb

They will go really close to running the quinella here. The 8 was strong last start and made big ground to score. Small field perfect. The 5 will win if she’s left alone. Runs serious sectionals when she’s out and running and will take no end of stopping here. 


Race 5 No. 1 Canya Smoke Them

Boxed to give a sight here. Strong win last week and goes best off these inside draws. Can run time and just needs a better step than last time to go close. 

Race 7 No. 3 Zipping Caleb 

Big performance last week coming from last and still running very fast time. Will again have to come from behind but a huge talent when out and running and goes close again here. 

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