​Harry Buchanan’s Monday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 2 No. 2 Simply Out There

Not the deepest race to kick the meeting off and that’s why this bloke can figure again. Placed last week in a similar affair and will work home well again as he handles this turn fine.

Race 5 No. 8 Victim Of Desire and No. 2 Charlie’s Harley

The 8 is exactly where she wants to be around this track and trip. Misses the start but takes runs superbly which inevitably unfold at the first turn. Will rocket home again here at huge odds. The 2 will look for the arm early and clearing the red is all he has to do to achieve that. Very hard to catch when he leads. Keep him safe.

Race 6 No. 5 Kenny Keeping

Ignore his last effort here. Flattened and never got a crack. This should be a different story. Looks for the fence and rails home very well and if he gets the run he needs, he will take some holding out late. Goes well here and shouldn’t be ignore in this.

Race 7 No. 9 Wise Koonac and No. 4 Horoscope

The Dale Cup. Many chances and finding the leader is the first issue. They all go around the 5.75-5.80 mark. I think the 9 can stay out wide and rush up. She has been racing well without winning and will be strong home this week if she leads. The 4 will be a big price but also could find the arm. First crack at 500 last week and she gave a tremendous sight and can only improve. She might get away this time and find a little more to hit the frame again.

Race 8 No. 5 Aussie Primrose and No. 4 I’m Upstairs

The 5 is slowly drawing closer to the fence and her good box manners here will be on again to see her dart for the arm. If she gets it, catching her will not be as easy as these think. The 4 is one dog who could mow her down. Racing without luck and does go well here, he gets his best chance in this company and will be a threat with clear running.

Race 10 No. 1 Lite Monelli and No. 8 Alden Monelli

The 1 will lead and that is almost a certainty. Then it’s a matter of how fit she is for this trip. It’s been some time since she’s seen 509m here but she will bust these up into the back with her brilliant speed. The last bit is the test. The 8 won’t have any issues with the trip and he could be first on scene here. Under rated and can run time, he is well drawn here and will look to slide into a forward spot to start his work. EW for him.

Race 11 No. 1 Polygon Monelli and No. 3 Molotov Boy

The 1 is boxed to win here and this is her best chance in some time. Racing well and desperately unlucky last week. Very hard to beat here. The 3 will go well if he steps well and he is under rated. Can handle two turns and is very strong. Dont dismiss EW.

Race 12 No. 6 Turtle Fernando

Box a bit sticky but he’s better than these and well graded here. Good in a field so just needs a little luck early and he will work his way home to hit the frame and go close to scoring. A clear run all together and he wins.

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