Harry Buchanan’s Monday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 4 No. 4 Big Girl Kiki

One of several who strike the easiest race faced in some time tonight. Lacks a little early dash but gets into her work quickly and over to the fence and she will be threat with a clear run. 

Race 6 No. 6 Winlock News

His run was super at Mandurah and he goes ok here too. Much tougher race last time so only has to step his best and offset this box and he will take some stopping. Winner here track and trip. Great show. 

Race 7 No. 5 Lenny Coaster and No. 2 High Level

The 5 can’t draw a box but she’s closer again this week to the fence and is near enough to cross and lead if she steps. Won’t be run down so spec that she comes out running here at odds. The 2 disappointed last time after walking out. She normally begins so has the draw to get another chance here. 

Race 8 No. 5 Turtle Fernando and No. 8 Timmy Timebomb 

The 5 was almighty in the Dart albeit off the inside box. He’s racing career best right now and can perform off any draw. Just needs a first turn look. The 8 is stepping well and he could swish across here. Hard to catch when he leads and can handle the box. Needs the arm but can get it. 

Race 9 No. 3 Calico Joe and No. 7 Smirch Birch

The 3 is hot and cold at box rise but his best step puts him right in this. Can run good time when he’s on and goes well here. Just needs to get the start right. The 7 also wins if he crosses and has a lot of talent when he’s on. Can also come from back but best work is on the arm. Both big shows. 

Race 10 No. 3 Surprised Fun

Most know the deal. Leads and bolts in, or doesn’t lead and drops out. This is one she can lead as she goes much better on straight starts. Will run low 16 on the arm, and the rest of these don’t. Betting on the start only. 

Race 11 No. 3 Apollo Fun 

Sneaky shot to take us out here. Can step and show speed but he can also come from behind if he’s close. Not a hard race to win and his best would see him hit the frame somewhere here. Don’t ignore him entirely. 

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