Harry Buchanan’s Friday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 3 No. 5 Joe The Lion and No. 7 Dandalup Jasper 

A couple at odds here to drop on some tiring dogs. The 5 will stay out middle but keep coming while the 7 will go better back here at Mandurah and is well boxed. 

Race 5 No. 2 Sunset Caribbean 

Drawn to go close here. Has had a few looks now and only has to stay close up the back and he can run over these late. Each way prospect.

Race 6 No. 1 Sand Patch, No. 3 Hinto and No. 6 King Tommy

The Group 2 Mandurah Cup for 2023 and what a field we have. Every dog can win and it not shock. I’m going with the 1 on top. She’s the quiet smokie here and can stun in this. Boxed perfectly and the draw can bring her out and at least go with Crumble early. She has blistering speed through the first 150m and if she finds the arm, only the king can mow her down. That’s what we are betting on, her finding the arm. Massive show at a great quote.

The 3 Hinto goes in next. Has taken to this new circuit like a magnet to steel and is drawn to get the most perfect of runs into the back where he then becomes deadly. Sustains one of the strongest runs home and will look the winner at some stage with clear air. Speaking of clear air, the only dog that can’t be stopped if he gets it is the king himself in box 6. Supernatural performance in his heat, giving Crumble a seemingly unassailable start only to mow him down from 6 lengths off him up the back. This harder and full field will make him work, but the thing about winners, they just seem to win. If you are on the leader at the top and this bloke is knocking on your door, just open it and say welcome because you’re gone. He will get anything if close enough.

Chances galore around these. The 2 needs to lead and clearly and he’s not stepping regularly but was good last week, the 4 was huge in her heat but she needs the arm and a big lead, the 5 is capable but he’s not finishing his race off the same although first look here last week. The 7 is the knockout and will fire out and look to lead. She doesn’t give up. The 8 will need trouble and not sure he’s quite up to this very top level but could have the box to sweep around if they jam. Great race!!

Race 7 No. 1 Barrio Beast

Been missing the start but he has the box to drive up the fence here with his super muster. Another big effort last week and gets every chance now off the inside. Big show.

Race 8 No. 7 Lil Bit Twisted and No. 4 Shian Lani

The 7 is struggling with 500m trips and the drop back to the 400 and the wide box is ideal. Has great speed and only needs a good step to win.  The 4 was superb last week but moves to a tougher draw this time. Has pace though and could lead all the way again. 

Race 9 No. 1 Indy Go Ruby and No. 6 Halcyon Days

The 1 was good last week and she can stun here. Just needs a better step and to hold her position early. Will be strong late. The 6 disappointed in a cup heat and it was too bad to be true. The shorter trip may suit better as will the class. He can win as well if he steps better. 


Race 4 No. 8 Camp Fire

Huge performance last week and he’s starting to put it all together now. Box is perfect and will descend again with any luck. Great show in this. 

Race 5 No. 5 Midnight Rocker and No. 4 Jigglypuff 

The 4 is getting fitter and he’s ready now. Just needs to offset the tricky box and he will run into this. The 3 was good last start and she has raced harder opponents than this before. Always thereabouts and an each way hope. 

Race 6 No . 3 Aston Michigan 

No match for the winner last time but he’s drawn to get there early again and will take holding out this time. Track and trip stats good and looks a threat here. 

Race 7 No. 1 Sephora Bale

Unlucky effort last week off a tough draw. Gets the box this time and will take no end of stopping here. Begins well but lacks dash yet comes again once balanced. Looks a huge show now. 

Race 9 No. 5 Willa Bale and No. 3 Bahrose

The 5 having her first go at the middle trip and she’s looking for it. If she’s close she will give a sight. The 3 is no star but can get this trip. Wears the blinkers but is racing more genuinely these days. Keep in mind. 

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