Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 2 No. 6 West on Sadie and No. 8 Master Blaster

The 6 was excellent last time and she has good late race strength about her. The box won’t matter as she doesn’t show up early and will probe for an inside run into the back. The 7 has his box and will look to hurtle around here after box rise. If he found the arm or close to it, he wins. Backing both.

Race 3 No. 1 Chasing Jason

Boxed to simply win. Will go even quicker than last week on a good deck and with a shockingly slow beginner in box 2, he will have all the room in the world to muster up again and lead. They won’t catch him on the arm.

Race 4 No. 6 Shirakaba and No. 3 Yunderup Sheila

Backing up again on both dogs after they had excuses last week. The 6 went super and closed off strongly after not securing a trouble free run. She will surprise here. The 3 gets a good draw finally and can settle much more forward. Very different dog when she’s close to the arm. Both solid EW plays here but the 6 is a huge show.

Race 6 No. 2 Stanga Moose

The Moose back over his pet trip. A 20 time winner over this track and trip, he is drawn to smoke up behind the speed at least and unleash that big sprint he has. Goes fast time and very hard to beat.

Race 7 No. 1 Horton Monelli and No. 6 West On Brae

One of these two will win for mine. The 1 is drawn to get the gun run here and only has to hold a forward spot to sustain a big run home. Goes good time and boxed to win. The 6 is probably the fastest dog in the race but the draw levels him out here. He has however, offset these boxes before and goes quick after box rise. Main play 1 and save 6.

Race 8 No. 4 Turbo Fun and No. 6 Yarrinup Flyer

Looking for the 6 to muster to the front here. His best wins this if he gets rolling out on the arm and while his form isn’t good atm, he can turn it around quickly. The 4 can and will come from anywhere. He is the one who will charge late here and if he gets a crack turning, look out.

Race 9 No. 5  Garrio and No. 3 Dancing Fun

No reason the 5 can’t back up his good win last start with a repeat effort here. Speed inside him will give him room to accelerate to the first turn and look to go on from there. The 3 is versatile and can figure here. Jumps well and sticks on strongly, she will be in the finish with a clear passage.

Race 12 No. 4 West on Soho

Looks the standout here. Has a 22.6 to her name and these can’t go with that. Unlucky not to lead a much harder race last time and only needs a clean start to win. Looks her race here.


Race 4 No. 4 Nihari Bale

Been racing well and his heat run showed that he’s close. Has a solid middle and last section and only has to offset the box early to figure. Place heavy player here.

Race 6 No. 5 Aston Marvel

Superb winner here over this track and trip last start running fast time. This race a little more competitive but he showed he is right up to them and can show some early dash to offset his draw. Will look ominous.

Race 8 No. 8 Do It and No. 5 Substantial

The 2022 Ballarat Cup and it has again attracted the best one turners we have racing. The 8 is a phenomenal price considering he is one of the best sprinters in training and gets a glorious cart over here off the 6 and 7. Will give an almighty sight!! The 5 would go on top if he had have drawn anywhere else but he can do anything and come from anywhere and will smash the line here once he gets wound up. 2 big shows for this years cup.

Race 10 No. 6 Orson Emmy

It may look like a 2 dog race but don’t be surprised if she upsets the apple cart here. While she may not beat the red, she can certainly get close to 2nd with a question to over Jarick Bales staying stamina. Worth a small spec at the huge odds to at least run the 2nd placing.


Race 8 No. 2 Wizardry Things and No. 7 Glen Keeping

The 7 is a former WA dog who is much better placed here and will look to lead. Hard to catch if he does to the point where only the 2 could mow him down. He’s the best dog in the race but better over longer. Will sprint well though and power to the line. Both good shows.

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