Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips 


Race 6 No. 1 Westdale Hailee 

If she steps and uses her pace, she will drive up and lead here and that should be check and mate. She does get off the turn somewhat but she’s not anywhere near as bad as she used to be. Will be hard to beat with a clean step. 

Race 8 No. 8 Nino Tonic and 2 Riley Has It

8 perfectly drawn here and will go through her gears up the back to stay in touch. Can sustain a long run home and will be strong late. The 2 might find the arm here and when she does she’s a different dog. Would take some catching and should be a price. Both worth a play. 

Race 9 No. 2 Carapaz and No. 8 Hotham Monelli 

The 2 can improve here off a much better draw. Can run her low 17s when clear and that will be hard to stop. The 8 is the best drawn dog anywhere in Australia tonight. Will stay right off the track and round them up. He does need a good step though with the short run to the first turn. 

Race 11 No. 1 Mango Salsa and 6 Banjos Flame 

Liked the way the 1 went last time. Never really got clear at a vital stage and the box will bring her right into this. She can punch up here. The 6 is the most enigmatic box dog racing. Will spear out one day, will miss it by 5 the next. High talent who recovers quickly with a good turn of speed. Both should in the finish. 


Race 3 No. 6 Weblec Star 

The win last time had a stack of merit considering the trouble she found. Loves this 595m trip and while this company is better than last time, she can run the time and win. Will look the winner at some stage. 

Race 6 No. 7 Chicks Love Me 

Old mate Chicks gets his chance to hurtle down the outside here and lead. Will accelerate up the back and only has to get some sort of break to hold on here. Goes much better than his local form suggests.  

Race 8 No. No. 10 Paul Keeping and 4 Clear View 

The 10 gets a start in this Launching Pad final and that instantly gets our attention. Is in this up to his ears and if they let him run, they will regret it. Can go much faster than he has and can unleash a big run home. Will get a gun map here. Monster hope at ridiculous odds. Save on the 4 who will find plenty on her first up run over 500 last week. She can surprise at big odds as well. It’s all about the 10 though. Just give him a look at the arm!! 

Race 12 No. 8 Teddy The Bear and No. 2 Sandave Vision

8 boxed where he wants to be. Stays right off and is racing well at the present. Will look dangerous up the back if he is close. The 2 can run a race here. She is much better than the price suggests and if she gets first turn luck, she can get right into this. Back 8 and save 2 EW.


Race 5 No. 1 Manila Sky and No. 3 Octavia Bale 

The red will go fast here and lead. Can get a little tired late but this company isn’t tough and gets his chance to see it out. The 3 is the big danger. Moody but talented. She will get to the fence and drive home hard. Can get past anything when she’s on. 

Race 6 No. 3 Busy Time and No. 7 Mystify Kick

Incredibly silly prices here about these two. The 3 is a huge play at $41 and should be 1/4 of that. Has raced far better dogs and raced well. Runs his 29.5 here and that wins this. The 7 is awkward but has a stack of ability. Relies on clear runs up the back but won’t be stopped if he gets it. 

Race 8 No. 4 Shima Glow and No. 7 Devel Sixteen 

Couple of smokies here. Expecting both to go forward. The 4 will be hard to catch when on the arm and she is better over this trip. The 7 was good first crack at this trip last week and expect big improvement. Has performed against the best in the past.  

Race 10 No. 6 Zara’s Ivan and No. 8 Shima Jake 

The 6 can do anything when he’s on and a clear run is all he needs. Will power through the gears and hits the line hard. Big show. The 8 is a chance here. His last 2 have been great and he can muster up to the first turn and slot in for a forward showing. Can run time on the arm.

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