$18k Wangaratta Windfall

It proved to be a terrific Tuesday for one lucky TABtouch customer who landed a 4 leg multi at the juicy odds of more than 945/1.

The punter invested $20 on the multi which required Invictum Domina to win race 1, Dakota to win race 3, Rubme at $18 to take out race 4 and Hell On Earth to take out race 6 at the Wangaratta program.

When all four horses arrived in first position the punter had successfully turned his $20 into a whopping $18,954.

Winning Multi

Leg 1: Wangaratta Race 1 – Invictum Domina (WIN) $2.70
Result: WIN

Leg 2: Wangaratta Race 3 – Dakota (WIN) $3.90
Result: WIN

Leg 3: Wangaratta Race 4 – Rubme (WIN) $18.00
Result: WIN

Leg 4: Wangaratta Race 6 – Hell On Earth (WIN) $5.00
Result: WIN


$20 with a multi price of $947.70

Paid Out