Harry Buchanan’s Thursday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 4 No. 5 Luke’s Coal 

Still can’t draw a box. His best step will see him get the cart off the 4 and he gets the line better than these. First 50m critical but best dog in this. 

Race 6 No. 8 West On Franky and No. 5 Hello Dave

The 8 will go better now he’s had a look last start track and trip. Just needs to get around cleanly in the early part. The 5 is under rated and he will descend late with a run. Look for him on the place heavy basis as he can get into it. 

Race 8 No. 4 Simplicity 

Goes close here. A good step will see him accelerate quickly and he runs time when up on the arm. Can come from behind the pace if needed and only has to get early luck to win here. Hard to beat. 

Race 9 No. 4 Long Johnny

This is his race if he can get the start right and get a little muster room. Been racing better dogs prior to last start where he should have won after being held wide and beaten by a steady winner after ripping ground off it. Goes close here.

Race 12 No. 1 Raining Cash

She doesn’t win many but she is always there and is boxed to be in the frame here. Just keeps coming and while she doesn’t run any time, neither do the rest. Her sole run here was good enough to get a look at these. 


 Race 5 No. 1 Udita Bale and No. 7 Pirate Kingsley

The 1 is only tiny but she is all heart and can spear out on to the arm here. That’s where she does her best work and will be hard to run down. The 7 is the one they have to watch. Has a lot of talent and if he can come across with the 6, he will give these the business. He’s a real contender on the each way here. 

Race 6 No. 8 Kai Bale

Playing for a little luck here but he really is the only dog aside from Zippy who is happy to come from the back. There could be some first turn action here with the speedsters wanting the arm. If they jam, the 8 will start his work. Needs a bit to happen but don’t dismiss entirely. 

Race 7 No. 2 Akina Jack and No. 4 Navarino

Still think the 2 is a middle trip weapon who just needs some early luck. He’s drawn to get that here. Goes very fast through the middle and could set this up for victory. The 4 is the other one who only needs a look with a lap to go. Was super at Sale and this trip perfect now after that. He’s ready. 

Race 8 No. 3 Zipping Hopkins 

Yeah he’s got a future this fella. Booming win last week coming from off the arm and dropping on them. Has horrid box manners but they are very slowly getting better, however he has nitrous under the hood and will again take all sorts of stopping. 

Race 9 No. 2 Flying Redeemer

No luck at all last week. Got cramped up on the inside then spat out the back and wasn’t able to get into his work. Just needs a bit of room through the pen and he has a strong last section that can figure in this. 

Race 11 No. 7 Ethanol Volume

This boy finally got it done last week with a strong effort. Has a big motor and while he can be tardy early, he loves being out wide and starts a long sustained run home. This lot will struggle to stop him if he’s close up the back. 

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