Harry Buchanan’s Saturday Greyhound Best Bets


Race 1 No. 8 Common Man and No. 3 Starlight Ariel

A very steady novice to start the evening. Small specs here on the 8 who is racing well and close to a breakthrough and 3 who will get a good map if she steps and is one of the better performed dogs in the race. Nice and quiet to kick things off here on Oaks night.

Race 2 No. 6 Skye Monelli

Things get hot pretty quickly with the new form stayer stepping out here. Enormous string of wins her past four and a ridiculous top two price to make it five on the bounce. Stays, has a superb gear change through the middle section and will take no end of stopping. Won’t miss top two with a clear run and should be winning.

Race 3 No. 1 Sandy Basa and No. 6 Big Rodney

The 1 to appreciate the drop back in trip and the inside draw. Could hold up early and lead and then be hard to run down. Spec for the 6 who might suprise here. Has a lot of talent and although the trip is foreign to him, I think he can get it. Don’t ignore him.

Race 4 No. 4 Sunset Comanche and No. 2 Bergelmir

The 4 put in another big run last week and he could get a first turn gift here if the 3 steps as he does. Will be charging home harder than anything. The 2 looks for the fence run early and he will also take anything that presents when he tracks the red up. Both strong hopes EW.

Race 5 No. 6 Go Seek Francene and No. 5 Girls Like You

The Oaks final. There is no reason the two outsiders can’t figure in this. The 6 was enormous in her heat and she is starting to put it all together now. Doesn’t need the arm early and won’t lay down. Nor will the 5 who has raced superbly through her races lately. She can also come from off the arm and they both get first turn runs here if they push over behind the inside dogs. The 6 especially is a huge EW go

Race 6 No. 4 Hippy Trail

It’s hers to lose surely. Trip spot on, small field perfect and only has to stay remotely close to run over these late. Zero excuse this time. Should be winning.

Race 7 No. 6 Flying Freda and No. 8 Pepper Grinder

The 6 needs the arm but she can bag that here and race away with her customary best step. Will prove hard to catch. The 8 is getting better and better and she will be a good stayer soon. Very strong on the run home and will be taking runs when any of these are stopping.

Race 8 No. 7 Conniption and No. 8 Aztec Kid

The 7 can swish around here and over this trip, he won’t be run down on the arm if he gets it. Fast dog who can handle the draw. The 8 is enigmatic but if he got the slingshot, he wouldn’t be run down either but he is one who does need to lead. The 7 hard to stop though.

Race 9 No. 4 Wise Emperor and No. 1 All Grunt

The 4 just needs 30m of galloping room early and he can get out wide and put these away. Goes fast when he’s on the arm and this looks suitable. The 1 should be rover for all placings. Doesn’t want to win but rarely misses the frame from this draw and won’t do so again if he steps. Place go for him.


Race 2 No. 6 Willow Bale and No. 7 Upon Bale

Race 3 No. 2 Shadow Bale and No. 1 Bomb Neave

Race 4 No. 2 Shake It Off and No. 8 Ethanol Extra

Race 6 No. 1 Country Crusader

Race 7 No. 7 Gary Stun On and No. 8 Ethanol Water

Race 8 No. 7 Desired Path

Race 11 No. 3 Scott Me


Race 4 No. 7 Sin Rap Explode

Race 6 No. 5 Ritza Smoke and No. 7 Both Bowers Ace

Race 8 No. 4 Bianca’s Boy

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