Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 3 No. 3 Throttle and No. 2 Robotnik 

Well they had to put him out of business to beat him last week and that’s exactly what they did with the 3 here. Ran home in ridiculous fashion again after being poleaxed at the start. His box manners are risky at best but he is clearly the fastest dog in the state at the moment. Map is ok here but he is facing some good dogs so needs to be on his game early. The 2 is overs and gets a save. Drawn in and not that bad as he can handle it and is under rated. Expect him to be prominent early and stick on. The 3 is the right price though and we will see just where he’s at here. 

Race 4 No. 2 Momentum 

Great race this. Any one could win and it wouldn’t be a shock. The 2 is the one however as he is simply the best dog with the best draw. Drops back from 600 which is key and will muster up early to try and take the arm. Pace out wide from 5,7,8 will ensure he has to do everything right but he looks to get every chance here. 

Race 5 No. 7 Hurricane Taylor and No. 8 West On Sadie

The Greyhounds WA Westchase Final

A race where every runner has a legitimate hope. We are going to settle on the 7 and 8. I’m loathe to leave the 5, We Can Too, out of the numbers but felt the 8 gets the clearer run of the roughies. 

The 7 will look to use his speed to swish over and take up the running. Then it’s the big problem……his horrid flat spot in the back straight that is causing issues. I think it’s getting better and there could be trouble behind him if he crosses here and allow him to hit the flat spot and hold the arm. A very fast dog who will be there at the end all things being equal. The 8 has been a revelation for Damo since he took her over. Tremendous efforts week in and out, she will get nothing less than a cricket pitch to use in the run to the first turn. Strong and one of few run on dogs in this. Watch for the 5. If he gets a look he will shock these but the draw is the problem. The rest can win but a combination of box manners, lack of consistency and poor draws means we stick with 7 and 8 from 5.  Great open edition with many chances. 

Race 6 No. 6 Sunset Louie

This is his race. Only has to offset the box to win for mine. Has been racing far superior dogs to this and can get under 30 no problems with a clear run. Ignore his first up effort when put out of it at the first turn. Should hit top 2 at good EW odds. 

Race 8 No. 2 Samba Monelli and No. 1 Sunset Givenchy 

Nice to see the 2 get the win last start. Pete Brown has got the very best out of him and he’s set to go well again. Boxed to get a gun run, only has to reproduce last start to be a force. The 1 has his box. Can unleash some serious sections when he gets mobile and his momentum is unstoppable when wound up. Huge show here.

Race 9 No. 8 Danielle Keeping

Can literally stay all day. This race is devoid of genuine stayers and the small field means she gets every possible hope here. Once she sees that arm, she should put these away. No excuses this time. Best bet. 

Race 10 No. 7 Yahoo Serious 

Really just wins here doesn’t he?? Has the time, class and form to put these away and his recent efforts suggest only bad luck could bring him down. He’s short enough but still a bet around the current $1.80. 


Race 7 No. 6 Indy Fido

Had he drawn in, I would have made him the bet of the year! Still think he’s a huge show off a tricky draw that he’s shown he can offset in the past. Will be a matter of how quickly he finds the fence and if he gets that uninterrupted run up the back, that’s where he puts himself in a striking spot. Great EW price now and best bet. Shouldn’t miss a place at least with any luck. 

Race 8 No. 2 Dusty Bourbski

Giving him one more go off this draw. Poor box manners cost him last week but he’s better than that and can drive up here to be a major player. Runs time and strong, he just needs to get the start right. 

Race 10 No. 1 Jezza Bence

Big price about a dog who is boxed to be there at the end and will run his low 30. Strong type who can handle the inside and has won 15 times in his career so knows how to get it done. Just good overs here and EW player. 

Race 11 No. 1 Indy Ghost 

Didn’t get it done off box 1 at Ballarat due to another dog laying all over him. Giving him another chance here as this is a very winnable race and he can use the box to advantage. Hard to get past, he just needs to step a little better and will be there at the end. 

Race 12 No. 1 Peaky Blazer

Boxed to give this a huge shake. Made good ground last start and reserves his best work for the inside boxes. Can be tardy early but no doubting his motor and will be the one they all have to hold out late with a clear run. 


Race 1 No. 2 Scramjet 

Boxed to land close here and has a super record off inside draws. Went well in a heat of the group 1 last week and only has to drive up early here to be hard to hold out late. Box manners a little risky but can win. 

Race 4 No. 2 Charlie’s Jar

Had a good form line and while he hasn’t won for a little while, he’s ready again and boxed to give this a shake. Breaks 30 and sticks on hard in his races. Can lead or come from behind and will give a great sight with a good beginning. 

Race 7 No. 5 Start Packing and No. 8 Embrace

The Group 1 Peter Mosman Opal for the girls. Very open affair but there are several early-splitters in this and there could be trouble. The 5 has a blistering turn of foot off the mat and she isn’t that badly drawn in the middle. Will get a cart to the first turn and can accelerate to the top. If she does, this is over with her 29.75 PB being too hard to run down. The 8 is one of only a few run on dogs in this. Can handle the wide draw and will stay out wide and look to run into this up the back. Nothing will hit the line harder and is a huge quote here. Place heavy for her. The 2 Spring Elegance is the other in at odds that can surprise. 5 on top with a save on 8 both EW. 

Race 8 No. 7 Cumbria Days and No. 6 Cumbria Kid 

The Group 1 Vic Peters and the kennel mates can run monsters here. The 7 was enormous in his heat and is just a silly price. Made a sustained fast run and launched home late. Has won 4 times off this draw and will give a tremendous sight with any luck. The brother in box 6 has also been dismissed in the market here. That could be mistake for a dog who can drive home from back of the field even when they are running time up front. Any trouble at all and this bloke will descend on them like rain in Sydney. Both great shows here at EW quotes to take the big one out but the 7 is a huge show.

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