Harry Buchanan’s Daily Greyhound Tips


Race 1 No. 3 Jump Into Action and No. 7 Hecton’s Boy

The 3 is close and while he doesn’t win many, he is never far away and showed last start he can get into this kind of race. Not badly drawn and a chance at odds. The 7 is as consistent as they come. Versatile and very very hard to get past when he finds the top. Will look to cross and give his usual great sight.

Race 2 No. 6 Sunset Whistler and No. 3 Mystify 

The last time the 6 had a crack at this trip, he gave a good field a drubbing. Only has to offset the box to give these a stack to worry about.  Looking for the 3 to get into this with some possible trouble up front and tiring dogs. She is going well but needs to get the prize soon to put away some of these placings. 

Race 3 No. 7 Miss Bandit

Forgiving her last start. Never really looked comfortable after a slow start and check. She is much better than that and better boxed wide for mine. A messy inside map will give her every chance to bounce back. 

Race 4 No. 3 Little Miss Ava and No. 8 West On Sadie

The Group 2 WA Oaks. Super field of bitches. The 3 and 8 contested the same heat and only a lip separated them at the finish. Can do similar here. The 3 is way over the odds and drawn perfectly. The 8, while better off inside, isn’t that poorly served here. 4,5 will lead but tire or even tangle up and that will give both 3 and 8 the chance to run into it. The 1 is perfectly boxed but she is big chance to be collected by the 2 at box rise and is therefore under the odds now. Clear run would see her walk in but not sure she gets it here. She is the only dog who can go much much faster than 29.80 but may not get the opportunity to show it. Playing 3 and 8 EW. 

Race 8 No. 1 Throttle

The future king of WA greyhound racing. Let’s make this short and to the point. He has his box to obtain the clear run he requires to blow these into the next state with all due respect. His box manners which are poor, are the only way this field can beat him. Fast fast fast dog!!! 

Race 9 No. 4 Hinto and No. 2 Sunset Daphne

Unsure what price the 4 will be at time of writing but anything over $1.80 is a bet. Derby winner who looks too good. If he was to make an error, the 2 will improve and can run a race at odds. Will need luck to beat the 4 however.

Race 11 No. 3 We Can Too

This is his race. High talent who can run some time if he gets the clear run he should here. Forget last start, he’s better than that and will give these plenty to think about tonight. Best bet outside of Throttle and Hinto. 


Race 2 No. 3 Cawbourne Roses 

While this trip isn’t ideal, she only has to stick to the fence and get into her work to be hard to hold out. Superb last start over 600m, she can replicate here and be strong to the line. Shouldn’t miss a place. 

Race 4 No. 2 Aston Jonas and No. 1 Tobin Frost 

The 2 has all sorts of ability and only has to navigate a clear passage to be in the finish. Likewise, the 1 has a big set of gears and goes through them up the back very quickly.  Both dogs will look ominous here. 

Race 7 No. 6 Lunar Star

Incredibly silly price about a dog who arguably should have won last start. Was making a very strong run when forced wide turning but kept coming to not miss by far. A shame there is only 2 divs but she can still hit top 2 here and going to make her best bet. She will shock these tonight if they leave her alone. 

Race 9 No. 6 Courteous Reiko

One of the biggest motors in racing at the moment and last week was evidence of that. Made obscene ground when she should have run last. Can do anything and come from anywhere and will be very hard to hold out here. 

Race 10 No. 1 Radek Bale

Keeps running on but one day will land close and it could be tonight off this draw. EW all day for this bloke who has a big middle and last section. Nothing will hit the line stronger. 


Race 1 No. 1 Black Firebrand 

Has superb box stats and a strong form line. Back to 520m and while his record at the track isn’t flash, he has had excuses several times. Won’t have any here off his best draw. Never missed a place off box 1. 

Race 3 No. 1 Tradie’s Mate 

We know the drill. Walk out, get into his work, descend late. Nothing will change here for this veteran. Box doesn’t matter. He will waste the inside and get to the outside but it’s after that is where they have to start worrying. Out wide and launching home late

Race 5 No. 8 Four Five

The ever consistent WP specialist and will give another great sight here at odds. Gets over to the fence with his lack of early toe but charges home starting with a strong back section. Can hit top 2 here with only the two divs. 

Race 7 No. 7 Impress Dressel

Poleaxed first turn last start and ran ludicrous sections to come home in a way he shouldn’t. Massive effort and only has to get some first turn luck here to be the one to beat. After that performance last week, he will be our best bet at WP tonight. 

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