Wayne Clark

Wayne Clark’s BBL Preview: Renegades vs Stars

Renegades vs Stars (Marvel Stadium) Sunday 17th February, 11.45am WST A first-time winner will be crowned when BBL08 comes to completion with a Melbourne Derby on Sunday. Neither team have won a title and it is the first final the Renegades have competed in. The Stars were very impressive when… Read More

Wayne Clark’s BBL Preview: Renegades vs Sixers

Renegades vs Sixers (Marvel Stadium) Friday 15th February, 4.40pm WST A poor performance by the Sixers in the final round led to the Renegades being gifted a home final and a huge advantage. The Sixers last performance highlighted their problem of losing early wickets in the power play. There is… Read More

Wayne Clark’s BBL Preview: Hurricanes vs Stars

Hurricanes vs Stars (Blundstone Arena) Thursday 14th February, 4.30pm WST A Maxwell masterclass has given the Stars their chance at glory in BBL08, and what a chance they have! They enter the final series with a full squad and plenty of momentum. The return of their Australian internationals and young… Read More