TABtouch Transactions Upgrades

Great New Mobile and App Features

TABtouch has introduced an easier way to find the bets you’ve placed.

Download or Update the TABtouch App today to start betting.

Easier Navigation of Bets

Pending Bets, Resulted Bets and Deposits & Withdrawals are separated to help you find the type of transaction you’re looking for.

1. Use the My Bets menu to either find bets you just placed, or ones that have been resulted.

2. You can also tab to info on deposits or withdrawals that you’ve made on your account.

Get More Details

More details are presented to you as soon as you hit the Pending, Resulted or Deposits & Withdrawals pages.

1. You no longer have to expand every bet to see which event the bet was placed on, or how much it could return.

2. Tap the bet you’re interested in and the screen will display the full information on the bet.

3. The new information includes every runner you selected in an exotic.

4. Close the details when you’re done and return to the main screen.

View Older Bets

Quickly jump back to bets you placed months ago.

1. Once you’ve navigated to the results or deposits & withdrawals page, tap the calendar icon at the top.

2. Scroll to the month that the transaction applies to.

3. The page will jump to the last transaction relating to that month. Improvements

You can also find the same improvements to the desktop site

1. Jump straight into either Pending or Resulted Bets depending on what you’re looking for.

2. The details of your bet are neatly displayed for your convenience.

3. On the Resulted Bets and Deposits & Withdrawals page you can quickly find bets placed months ago.