Rule Change: Fixed Odds Jockey Challenge

Effective as of Friday January 25, 2019, the Fixed Odds rules governing Jockey Challenge betting have been updated.

The primary change will see all Jockey Challenge markets now operate solely in accordance with the All In rule. No longer will bets be declared void if a listed jockey fails to complete at least one ride at the nominated meeting.

RWWA Jockey Challenge Rule 154/155

Jockey Challenge bets will be offered on selected meetings. Betting is conducted on a Win Only, All-In basis (i.e. no refunds or Deductions).

All bets must be placed prior to the first race of the card commencing for wagers to stand.

The winning jockey for each meeting will be decided on the following points per race system: a first placed jockey receives three points; a second placed jockey will receive two points; and a third placed jockey will receive one point.

A jockey who accumulates the most points throughout the entire meeting will be considered the winner for settlement purposes. Dead Heat rules will apply if two or more jockeys are on equal points at the completion of all races from the meeting.

Any Other Individual Jockey counts as one Selection for settling purposes (i.e. in the case of two jockeys who fall within the Any Other Individual Jockey category places in a Dead Heat for the win, both will be paid as winners at the full dividend).

In the case of a meeting being abandoned or postponed at a point in time where a jockey has an unassailable lead, winning bets will be paid at the full dividend with all other bets being settled as losers. When a meeting is postponed or abandoned in any other circumstance, all single bets are void and wagers will be refunded. Affected multi-bets will be recalculated excluding that leg.

In the event of horses placing in a Dead Heating for a win and/or place, the points will be shared equally by the number of competitors in that Dead Heat, as outlined in the table below.

Dead Heat for 1st Dead Heat for 2nd Dead Heat for 3rd
1st 2.5, 2.5 3 3
2nd 0 1.5, 1.5 2
3rd 1 0 0.5, 0.5