Punting 101: Win & Place


The most basic racing bet you can have. A win bet means you are selecting a runner to finish 1st in their nominated race.


A place bet is selecting a runner to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd* in a nominated race. Your selection may finish in any of these positions.

A race with fewer than eight runners will normally payout on placings for 1st or 2nd.

The number of place dividends allocated to a particular race can be found at the top of the individual market – IE ‘Pay 1,2,3’ or “Pay 1,2’

Each Way

An each way bet is effectively two separate bets – one on a runner to win, and one on the same runner to place.

To have “$5 each way” is to have $5 on the win, and $5 on the place.

Dead Heats

In the event of a dead heat, Win and Place bets are paid at half the value of what was the projected full payout.

So if your payout was set to be $20, a dead heat between two runners would see that halved to $10.

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