Giddy-Up premium form on TABtouch

TABtouch has made betting better than ever before, with expert ratings from the team at Giddy-Up.

Giddy-Up is available on the TABtouch app and on TABtouch.mobi. To make things even better, it’s free for all active TABtouch customers.

Who are Giddy-Up?

Giddy-Up are a team of expert form analysts that provide ratings, recommended betting odds and speed maps for every Australian race. Along with their extensive data base and sophisticated predictive modeling, Giddy-Up analysts won’t sit on the fence when they give you their thoughts and insights to help you back more winners.

What is a speed map?

There’s no better way to analyse the likely pattern of a race than with a speed map. Get an edge in your betting by seeing the predicted settling position for each race. Speed maps are used extensively by bookmakers, jockeys and trainers; now they’re available for free to all active TABtouch customers.

How else can I view form?

Find out about all the different ways to view form here.

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