AFL Tip 9

What is Tip 9?

Tip 9 (also known as Footy Tipping or Tote Sports) lets you bet on the 2017 AFL season in a pool with other keen punters. To play, simply pick the teams that you think will win in a round of AFL (or pick both teams if you’re not sure). If all your selections are correct, you’ll receive a dividend based on the pool size and the number of winners.

How do I place a Tip 9 bet?

Head over to the TABtouch sports page on your desktop or mobile device and select the ‘Tote Sports‘ menu. From there, placing your bet is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


I’m ready! How do I start?

Great! If you don’t have a TABtouch account already, you can open one in minutes by clicking here. Otherwise, click the button below to go straight through to the markets. Happy punting!

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How do bet payouts work?

With Tip 9, punters go up against each other instead of the bookmakers. Whilst the fixed odds provide a good guide for each match, the nature of a pooling system means that you’ll sometimes get better or worse odds – use this to your advantage if you think you can predict the pool! Once the last game has finished, the pool (minus commission) is divided up among the winners, similar to the way a Tote Racing bet works.

How do carry-over jackpots work?

Just like in racing, funds from previous pools that are not won will carry-over to next round’s pool. For example: if there is no winner in the AFL Round 1 competition, the pool will carry-over into the AFL Round 2 competition. This process continues until a winning combination is selected. Jackpots tend to inflate the pool total and give you the chance to get higher dividends on your bet.

How do draws work in AFL tipping?

In Tip 9 you can select either team to win, but there is no draw option. In the occurrence of a tied AFL match only 20% of the net prize pool can be won (with the other 80% carried over to the next round).